Sunday, December 19, 2010

Website Hosting

Have you ever tried creating your own website ? If not try it now itself. It has become so simple today. In the past the number of websites that provide as information was low. Due to the advancement in technology the number of websites have increased dramatically. The creation of website has been made simple by the web hosting providers. These are the companies that provide as with space on the web server. Some provider do this service free of cost and some others may charge depending on the kind of service we need. The cost depends on the pace, technology and the services we need like email hosting, webhosting, dedicated hosting and so on. There are many websites which provides comparison of various web hosting providers. You may make use of them to select a best one.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unlimited Web Hosting

Everyone who is using internet might know what a website is. It is a collection of web pages and each web pages in turn consist of pictures, images or other multimedia sources formatted using HTML. In general term it is place where you can find some specific sort of information. We can access these websites by using the URL. Now a days it is very easy to create such a web site and that's why the number of websites have increased tremendously. All we have to do is that decide what are all the features we need for our website. Once we have decided on this we can then go for the next step, choosing of the web hosting company. They are the one who provide space for our site in their servers. Some companies provide unlimited web hosting but may charge a little. Some others may provide the hosting service free of cost. There are different types of hosting as well. So once you have decided to run a website be careful while choosing the provider. You can search the net for various providers and then decide upon the best one. Website is not only sharing of information but also you can earn money by making use of google adsense and other features.

Shopping Places In Pune

Pune is one of the important metropolitan city in India. It has an excellent climatic conditions and is becoming popular because of the IT companies, as many are migrating to Pune. Its also famous for hill satations. Some of the notable ones are Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala. Pune is also the shoppers paradise. One can find chapels, electronic goods, garments, cosmetics, jeweleries at a cheaper rate. Some of the famous shopping places/areas are
  • Laxmi Road(Garments and Accessories)
  • Tulsi Baug(Garments)
  • MG Road Mahatma Gandhi Road(Branded Shops, Gift articles)
  • Deccan Gymkhana(Everything at one place)
  • Appa Balwant Chowk Budhwar Peth(Books and Paper Market)
  • Bajirao Road

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tour Of Key West - Florida

 One of the most beautiful place where most of the tourist love to visit to spend their holidays is definitely America. Everyone gets mesmerized in the beauty of America. There a large number of tourist spots that are worth visiting. There are also a large number of islands. One of such kind of island is the Key West, which is in Florida, North America. There a number of tourist spots in this island. The architecture of this island itself is very beautiful. One of the best way to explore the city of key West is to rent a bicycle. Most of the tourist use to do this activity. Another way to explore the city is through boats. The sun setting scene is awesome in this island. You can find lot of bars and restaurant in Duval Street. Key West is also the famous seaport and also the destination for many cruise ships. Some of the other places of interest in Key West are studios of Key West, Key West Butterfly and natural conservatory light house, botanical garden, mel fisher maritime museum and so on. You can find many good hotels in the city of Key West. You have to choose the hotel based on the facilities you need and the locations you have to visit. some of the famous Key West Hotels are Key Lime Inn Casa Marina Resort, Island City House Hotel, Suite Dreams,  Rent Key West Vacations, Southernmost On The Beach and many more. There are about 200 licensed hotels in this area. Some with attached bars and restaurants. You can also find the pictures of the hotels and the facilities they provide in the net. The room rent is different for on season and off season. For off season the rent varies from $78 to $190 and in on season the rent ranges from $99 to $270. Choose the hotels of your choice and enjoy your holidays at Key West.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Milk Festival 2010 - Dublin

Dublin the largest city in Ireland and also an important tourist destination is going to host the Milk Festival 2010. First outdoor art and music festival for LGBT community will be held at Dublin on 14th August 2010 in Ballinlough Castle. It is expected that more than 5000 people will showcase their talents in this festival. Ticket prices ranges from 99 euro to 125 euro. To no more about this music festival and to book tickets visit

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Holidays in Italy

Italy one of the beautiful  country in the world. It attracts a lot of tourist every year. Once we visit Italy we will lose ourselves in the ruins of the roman empire and the architectural and intellectual works of the buildings and palaces. Plan for holidays in italy if you want to enjoy a lot. Once in Italy you have a lot of places to visit like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples and so on. You can't visit all these places in a single day. You have to stay back there atleast for a week or more. One such region that is worth visiting is Puglia. If you want to find some house for rent in Puglia you can make use of this site . They do property management services like key holding, providing checks on your property and safeguard it from damages, collection of rent, gardening and so on. Once you give their property to them they will take care of those very carefully. They also help in installation of satellite, telephones and so on. They make the maintenance of housing for gnte who live in it only seasonally. They also provide letting management service. If you have an idea of buying property in this area you can search for it in their site or contact them. They also provide car rentals, baby sitting services. Once in Italy you can make use of their services and enjoy happily...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Money With Blogs

The buzz word today is blogging. The number of bloggers is increasing now a days very rapidly. The main reason behind this fact is they can freely express their thoughts and at the same time earn money through them. There are a number of sites in which you can submit your blogs for getting revenue. One such site is It acts like a blog aggregation site. You can submit your blog to this site for free. By submitting so you can increase not only the traffic to your blog but also you can earn revenue through google adsense or can do revenue sharing

A large number of bloggers have already submitted their sites and so you can find a variety of information in one place itself from education, games, travel to everything. For instance if you want to know about the new hotel in Dubai, HUD apartments for rent,  any other health related issues , to play monkey defense game or any other game you can browse through this site.  Adding you blog to is very easy. Once you have added your blog all your new post summary will be available in this site. This is one of the way to increase the traffic to your site. You can also earn revenue or donate your revenue for a noble cause. All are crazy about playing games. Just write a review of your favorite flash game and attract the visitors to your site and also get comments from other bloggers. Once you are done registering then you can earn a lot easily. Try out this new feature and have happy blogging

Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Bodypainting Festival 2010 - Seebodon/Austria

World  Bodypainting Festival 2010 will be held in Austria from July12th 2010 to July 18th 2010. This festival attracts a lot of people from around the world. Artist from 40 different countries show cast their talents. This festival began in 1988.  This festival also includes

  • WBF Academy
  • BodyCircus And Side Events
  • 3 Main days in the “Bodypaint City” in the Klauberpark Seeboden

Mobile And Laptop Expo 2010 Chennai

The mobile and laptop expo 2010 will be held in Chennai. The dates for the expo is from 23rd July to 25th  July 2010. If you are planning to buy laptop or mobile or some other gadgets it will be the best place for you. One can find a lot of mobile manufacturers, laptop manufacturers and also the latest hardware equipments, wireless and mobile accessories and lot more  at a single place. The mobile and Laptop expo 2010 will take place at Chennai Trade Center

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Booking Hotels online

This is summer time and of course the vacation time for all. Most of us might be planning on a tour to other country or some other places that is worth visiting. So if are planning for two or three days tour the first thing that we have to do is book hotels. New York one of the most beautiful place will be full of tourist during this period. Finding a hotel to stay itself will be biggest problem in this season. But internet has made this task easy for us We can search for Hotels in New York online itself. Times Square is one of the busiest area in New York which attracts millions of visitors every year. The digital banners that occupies every tall building will be very nice to see. We can search for five star, four star hotels and also know about the facilities provided by them such as dining, gym, swimming pool and also about  room rent and availability of rooms. This will greatly help us in choosing a hotel. Some provide us with inner views of the hotel too. Like wise Melbourne Hotels will also be full because it also have a lot of tourist attractions. Some of the famous hotels in this region are Claremount guesthouse, VIT HAll, Base ST Kilda and many more. Booking online is a boon to many of us who are planning for tour at the last minute. Not only in New york and Melbourne we can also search for hotels in many countries online. Since its summer most of us would like to visit coastal areas where the sea breezes makes the area pleasant. While choosing resorts the important thing to note is that most of the tourist places must be easily reachable from that location. One such famous place that is worth considering is  Caribbean Islands.  It is the famous place for beach vacation. You can find a number of resorts in this area. So don't forget there is internet to help you to figure out the best hotel. Enjoy your vacation.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ooty Rose Show 2010

Ooty the famous tourist destination in TamilNadu,India will be crowded by tourist throughout the year and even more during summer because of its climatic conditions and a number of shows that it hosts. One among them is the Ooty Rose Show. It was held on 8th and 9th of May, 2010. The rose festival was witnessed by large number of people.The Flower Show is also to be held at Ooty. The dates for ooty flower show 2010 is from May 14th to May 16th. Some of the beautiful pictures(photos) and videos of Rose Show 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Planning Your Vacation

The hot summer has arrived and most of you might be planning to go on vacation and escape from the hot sun. Especially the choices of places during this hot summer will be the colder regions. There are a number of sites which will help you to book tickets and hotel online. So now a days planning for vacation have mostly become online. But the toughest part is that we must have access to the internet if we are planning for vacation online. First we used the wired networks with the limitation that we cannot access while on the move. But with the advent of 4G networks it has become possible. These 4G Wireless Internet gives provision for us to book tickets online easily and the speed is also good. CLEAR in Houston, TX is one of the provider of the wireless 4G network. Experience the high speed internet in home and also on the move. The coverage is also good. Different types of Internet & Phone Bundles are available. Book your space on the CLEAR 4G. Plan your vacation without interruption using this high speed 4G network

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review of Web Hosting

The word internet is the buzz word today. Every one knew how to use it. All information are available on the internet and the site that provide the information are also increasing tremendously. Now a days creation of a web site has been simplified to a great extend. This simplification comes from the web hosting company we choose. So what is web Hosting ? It is the service which we can use to make your website accessible in the world wide web. The company that provides this service is called the web hosting provider.There a number of such providers. But the difference between these providers comes from the service they provide. Some web hosting company provides hosting free of cost and some others charge a little. In simple the package they provide will differ. This package includes the development platform, database support, security measures, multimedia services and some other features. The web hosting fan is the the site that provides the web hosting reviews. This site greatly helps to obtain reviews of individual providers. So it will be easy for us to choose the provider based on the features we need.  They provide us with information on CMS, domain names and blogging software too. So if your are going to create a web site and in need of a provider definitely have a look at this site and grab the idea for free.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Asian International Dog Show Photos 2010

Asian International dog show 2010 was held in Tokyo, Japan on 3rd April, 2010. Many different varieties of cute dogs participated in the show. Each one were dressed differently and came out with cute and nice hair styles. Some of the pictures of dogs/puppies at Asian International Dog Show

London Book Fair 2010

London Book Fair 2010 one of the biggest book fair will be held in Earls Court, London from 19th to 21st April, 2010. You can find a variety of book from different publishers under different topics. In order to make it easier for people to find the books they need, the book fair is divided into sectors. The timings for London Book Fair is 19th and 20th of April the book fair will be open from 9AM to 6.30 PM. On 21st April the show timings is from 9AM to PM

How to choose a web hosting company

Today internet has become a part of every ones life. The number of users who make use of internet has increased tremendously when compared to the last decade. Now a days online advertisement have become an important one for promoting the product. Creating a web site is very easy. This is the fastest way through which we can reach a wide range of people. All we have to do for creating a web site is that get the service from a web hosting company. The web hosting company is the one that provides space for us. Some companies do it free of cost and some may charge a bit. The hosting may of different types such as application specific hosting, email hosting, DNS hosting and many more. While choosing a web hosting provider, you have to choose then based on the features you need such the disk space, bandwidth etc. You may choose them based on the technology also. There a number of providers available to satisfy your needs.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Akshardham laser water show Opening Ceremony - Gujarat

The first laser water show, the first of its kind in India was inaugurated on April 3rd 2010. The laser water show at Akshardham temple in Gujarat capital Gandhinagar was witnessed by more that 20,000 people on the day of opening ceremony. The video of opening ceremony of laser water show Akshardham can be found on youtube. Some distinct features of this scintillating show are: fire in the water body, formation of fireballs, scenes of various hues on the water fountains and formation of a galaxy of stars on land.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris the capital of France is one of the mosted visited city in the world. Every inch of Paris has something to see and beauty in it. There are a number of sight seeing places in Paris. More than 20 million tourist visit Paris every year to enjoy the nature and to see the historical buildings of architectural excellence. Some of the important places to see in Paris include

  • Eiffle Tower
  • Norte Dame
  • Sorbonne University
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Seine River Cruise
  • Louvre

Each of these places have their own significance. The tourist attraction in Paris doesn't end with this list. The largest theme park in Europe, Disneyland Resort is in Paris only.  Vincennes Castle, Barbizon, Stade de France are the other important places to visit.

There are trains from UK to Europe. St Pancras Europe is the one of the international station that connects major destinations like Brussels, Paris, DisneyLand Paris and more. Other international stations that connect major places are Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International.This is the not only the fast means of travel but also the cheapest one. You can book the train tickets online itself.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Optical World

This glass looks cool know ? Want to buy such a glass for you too means visit Zenni opticals. It contains a variety of glasses that make you look beautiful. There a number of variety of glasses each made of different kinds of frame. The frame also comes with a number of colors and the material it can be made of may be fiber, metal or plastic. You can also have the view of each of the type of glasses and then choose the color and material with which the frame should be made. Some opt for contact lens and some for frames. Half frame and full frame are also available. You can see the details of each of the glasses also. So if are going to buy glasses have a look at Zenni Opticals the perfect place for glasses

Friday, March 19, 2010

Resorts For You - Hedonism Resorts

Have you ever been to Jamaica to enjoy your holidays ? Jamaica, the Island on the Caribbean Sea is one of the important tourist destination. It is visited by more than one million tourist every year. It is well known for its beach holidays. So eventually there will a number of resorts which will give you the magnificent view of the island. If you are planning a trip to Jamaica for singles vacation then take a look at Hedonism Resorts. It offers all facilities that is needed for a perfect enjoyment. It is one of the best resort in Jamaica. There are some nudist resort in this area too. Special packages are available for adult vacations too. This is a perfect time to enjoy the beach holiday at Jamaica and its a honeymoon destination for many . Have a wonderful trip!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shanghai World Expo 2010 - China

Shanghai World Expo 2010 Video
Shanghai  will witness the largest gathering of people for the Expo to be conducted by it in 2010. The world expo 2010 Shanghai, China dates have been announced. It will take place from 1st of May 2010 and will continue upto October 31 2010. It is expected that more that 70million people will visit the expo 2010 at Shangai. Exhibitors from more that 190 countries will be participating in this expo. It theme is "Better City Better Life". The event will be held at the center of Shanghai i.e., Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge. If you wish to book tickets to this expo you can do it online itself. There are nine type of tickets. The pre sale of tickets  will be open till 30th of April

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cheap Seat - Booking Tickets Easily

Every one love to watch the events live in the stadium or the theater. But now-a-days the number of people who witness the live moments have decreased to some extent. The main reason behind this is the live telecast by many television channel and another important reason is that no body like to wait in the queue for a long time or wait in the phone line to book tickets for their favorite show or events. But the people's love for watching them directly never go down. If you are a lover of golf, hockey, Basket Ball and like to watch the match between your favorite teams then you can book tickets easily within seconds. You can book tickets for concerts, sports or theater tickets by visiting Many matches are going to take place in the coming months. Are you a supporter of New York Rangers and want to book tickets then visit New York Rangers Tickets. The matches will take place in the month of march and April. There is feast for NBA lovers too. Boston Celtics is going to play about 26 matches in the coming 3 months at various places. If you are a supporter of Boston Celtics then why do you wait. Just book your Tickets by clicking Boston Celtics Tickets.There is stuff for golf lovers too. Augusta National Golf Course Schedule and Dates have been announced and you could also be a part of it. Book your tickets at Augusta National Golf Course Tickets . Now booking of tickets have been made very easy and enjoy watching your favorite shows live at the venue

Friday, March 12, 2010

Holidays at Canary Island

Canary Island, the most beautiful place is part of Spain. It is also located closer to Africa. It is also know by the name "The land of Eternal Spring". The climate is very nice and enjoyable and it is the reason why a large number of tourist visit this Island every year. The Canary Island Holidays leaves one with evergreen memories. The Canary Island has a lot of tourist attractions. It is best known for its beach holidays. The archipelago of Canary Island consist of five main Islands
  • Lanzarote
  • Tenerife
  • Fuerteventura
  • Gran Canaria 
  • La Palma
All of these islands have a number of sightseeing places to see. Of these the Gran Canarian Islands has a lots of water theme parks, Amusement parks, Buildings of Architectural marvel, Museums, Churches and many more. Another common attraction in Canary Island is the water sports and the whale and dolphin shows. The islands ar e paradise for lovers of nature and water sports. Canaries has the Spain's four most important natural reserves. Each of these tourist places have a number of resorts and villas providing the tourist with exotic view of the Canarian Islands. There are cuisine which provide us with the African and Spanish foods. Once in Canary Island one will lost themselves in the beauty of the Island. You can check the availability of rooms in resorts and book them online through the site Canary Island Holidays and also the rating for each resort and the amount they charge is also given. Enjoy your holidays at Canary Island Spain

Opening Ceremony of New Assembly Building in TamilNadu

View Larger Map

The Tamil Nadu government decided to build the new building for legislative assembly and the project has now been almost completed. The new legislative assembly building of TamilNadu will be inaugurated by Prime minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi will also take part in this ceremony. The assembly building in Omanthoorar Estate(Anna Salai Chennai) was built at a cost of Rs.450 Crores. It has also received LEED Gold Certification from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). It has become the largest governmental Green Building. The new assembly building was built on the design by the German Architecture firm GMP. The building was built based on the German and Dravidian Architecture. The Dome of the building will be built by  Bangalore-based firm Geodesic. Changes in the traffic has been made on 13th March the opening ceremony of the new building in Tamilnadu. You can catch the video of the opening ceremony of the new Legislative Assembly in Tamilnadu in you tube. This Tamilnadu new Secretariat assembly complex will definitely a engineering Marvel.

Friday, March 5, 2010

International Motor Show 2010 Geneva

80th International Motor show and accessories is now going on in Geneva, Switzerland. About 250 exhibitors from 30 different countries, showing about 100 cars at the Geneva Auto Show The dates for Geneva International motor show is from 4th to 14th of March 2010. You too have a chance to win the PEUGEOT 3008 car by participating in the contest and answering some simple questions regarding Peugeot. There are a number of cars from different manufacturers. The cars from German automakers Audi and BMW were highlight of the show. There are sports cars from Audi, Volvo 360, Luxus, Suzuli, Toyota, Peugeot, SPYKER, RENAULT and many more. There are also racing cars from ABARTH, AUDI, BMW ALPINA, GPC MOTORSPORT, GUMPERT, KOENIGSEGG, LOTUS, MITSUBISHI, TECHART. Accessories for cars like tyres, rubber products, Tapes, CD Players, Traffic information and guiding system, Navigation System, Fuel and Lubricants are also available in this international motor show.

The timings for Geneva Motor show is

Monday - Friday 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday - Sunday 9 am to 7 pm
The ticket rates for the motor show is
Adults - CHF 14(Swiss franc)
Children from 6 to 16 and pensioners -CHF 8
Group rate (more than 20 people) -CHF 9 for each

This car exhibition at Geneva in 2010 will attract lots of people around the world.
Photos of the cars at Geneva Motor Show

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Best Rated Online Casinos

The online casinos are playing an important role in gambling..... The online casinos have increased tremendously in the past few years. But the question is which one is the best online casino and which one to use. We can know about the best online casinos with the help of online casino named onlinecasinospotlight. It provide a list of top online casinos together with the initial bonus they provide, payout and a review of top ten casinos.... The online casino comprises of a lot of games and they do provide information on how to play those games. At online casinos, newbies can play games free until they are comfortable with the rules and their level of knowledge.. They can then move on to gambling with real money. But surely you need to be experts in this.... The online casinos provide information to make us expert. So what are you waiting for...If you want to know more about casino's then Onlinecasinosspotlight is the best place to visit..Online casinos are both easy to use and convenient, so try them today!...Get going and start playing using online slots..

Interior Design - Bed Room Furnitures

Interior Design has become an important aspect of every house. Furniture play an important role in interior design. If you are looking out for bedroom furniture to decorate your room then have a look at this site bedroom furniture. You can find a variety of bed room furniture each one designed by top designers. They have the furniture designed by Italian and European Designers. One can find Bedroom sets, platform beds, leather beds, mirrors, chests and more, all in one place.... You will be able to modify the details of the furniture according to your taste i.e., you can design your furniture according to your taste and then place the order. For example you can specify the material with which the furniture should be made, its size, whether it should be with or without mirror and many more. They have also provided provision for browsing the furniture by brands... Not only bedroom furniture, you can find all type of furniture you need for your home here... One can find modern bed room furniture, contemporary bedroom furniture and Italian bedroom furniture all at one place and also at affordable price... Shipping details is also provided for all items and also the view of each of the furniture is also provided... It will definitely be a one stop place for furniture lovers.....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

FairPro 2010 Chennai

View Larger Map

FairPro is one of the biggest Property Fair that take place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu every year. This is the third edition of FAIRPRO. It takes places from 19 February to 21 February 2010. The venue of FairPro 2010 is Chennai Trade Center, Nandambakkam, Chennai. Over 250 properties by 45 top builders will be show cast in this exhibition. On the spot home loan approval is also available. There are about 53 stalls by 40 developers. It is organized by CREDAI(Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India). Fairpro 2009 sold out Rs 100 crores of property...A debate also takes place at Fairpro on February 21 from 3pm on the topic Are Apartments are safer than independent houses by pattimandram king Solomon Pappiah. If you are looking to buy a house for your own then this Fairpro will help you a lot ....

Also India International Sea Food Show 2010 is also taking place in the same trade centre, chennai ... So visit that too...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carnaval De Nice 2010 France

Its carnival time... Carnivals are taking place all around the world. Carnaval De Nice also known as the Nice Carnival is now taking place in Nice, France. This carnival is also equivalent to the Brazilian carnival and the Venice Carnival... It takes place every year during the month of February... Nice Carnival 2010 started on 12 February and will continue till 28th of February 2010. Anastasia was elected as the Carnival queen for this year and you can see her in the Flower Parade. Schedule of events in Carnaval De Nice 2010
 February 20th, 2010 - Flower Parade(Timings 2.30PM) and Parade of Lights at 9 PM
 February 21st, 2010 - Carnival Parade at 2.30 PM
 February 23rd, 2010 - Parade of Lights at 9 PM
 February 24th, 2010 - Flower Parade at 2.30 PM
 February 27th, 2010 - Flower Parade(Timings 2.30PM) and Parade of Lights at 9 PM
 February 28th, 2010 - This is the closing day of the carnival. Carnival Parade at 2.30 PM and from 7pm Closing festivities followed at 9 pm by the incineration of the King and fireworks

Parade of Virtual 3D floats will also be a highlight of this carnival

To know the rates of the tickets to parade at carnaval de nice and to book tickets online visit the official website..... 

Photos of Carnaval De Nice 

You can catch lot of videos of Nice carnival in you tube

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where to buy Mailboxes ?

Now a days people who use letters have decreased when compared to the past decade. However letters today play an important role in official means of communication.Mail Boxes is the place where you can find variety of mailboxes... They have different kinds and colors of mailboxes. Each of the mailbox is unique in its design. They have commercial as well as mailbox for homes. We can buy the mailbox online itself and can also track the status of already placed orders. The varieties of mailbox include Single unit mailboxes, commercial mailboxes, column mailboxes, Multi Unit mailboxes, Locking mailboxes, Mailbox Posts, Wall mount mailboxes , Commercial mailboxes and more... We can also compare the features of the mailboxes that we like. We can compare the features such as Closure, Color, lockable insert, Shape, Style, Warranty, Newspaper holder etc., List of different manufacturers are also provided, so that we can select a mailbox from the one we like. They also provide information about the manufacturer we selected. Gift certificates are also available. If you are in need of buying mailbox for your home or office then the best place to buy is It is the only place where you can find eye catching beautiful mailboxes of high quality

Key West Tourist Attractions and Hotels

Key West is one of the important tourist attraction in United States. It is located in the Monroe County, Florida. Key West is the important island in the key West city. For cruise ships it is destination. Even though the city had been frequently hit by cyclones, the number of tourist who visit Key West is increasing only. Florida Keys has a number of tourist attractions... The Key West Botanical Forest and Garden, Mel Fisher Martime Museum, Key West Historic Seaport, Lighthouse and Keepers Quarters Museum are some of them. Dvual Street is the commercial zone in Key West Florida, where you can find all the entertainment activities, bars and restaurants.

Once you have decided to go to Key West, the first thing is to find a best hotel to stay in. Florida Keys has a number of hotels. If you want to find the best hotel that suits your budget visit Key West Florida. This site provides all information about the hotels in the city from the cheap one to the luxurious one, the activities to do and the information of flights and also tourist attractions. For each of the hotel you can check the availability of rooms online and also the facilities provided by each hotel and the cost they charge. They not only provide the information but also the reviews of each hotel so you can make choose a best one. Albury Court Key West is one amoung the important hotels. All major tourist attraction in Key West are easily reachable from this hotel. It is located near the harbour. While in Key West rent a bicycle and discover the splendid architecture of the Key West city....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jute Festival Chennai 2010

Jute Manufacturers Development Council and Ministry of Textiles of India together organize the Jute Festival in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is a four day long festival. The dates of Jute Festival 2010 are from 15th February to 16th February 2010. The festival will be inaugurated by Mr. Dayanidhi Maran(Union Minister of Textiles) today. Its a display cum sale festival. In this festival you can see and buy jute mats and carpets, fashion accessories, jute shopping bags and many more..... Shankar Mahadevan will perform a concert on the opening ceremony. Jute Art Exhibition is one of the highlight of this festival. The venue of Jute Festival 2010 is Co-optex Grounds, Egmore, Chennai.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year Celebration - Year of Tigers

Chinese New Year Celebration Photos of Dragon Dance
Chinese are Celebrating their New Year today. This year is called as the year of Tigers(The name of the years rotate around 12 animals). Of the Chinese festivals New Year Celebration is the most colorful one. Chinese New Year is celebrated on the First Day of the fist moon on the Lunar Calendar. It is celebrated not only in China but also all over the world where Chinese reside. On the new year day red envelope(Its called as Lai See envelope)will be given to children which contains money and the seventh day of the new year is considered as everybody's birthday.... They celebrate the new year with two flowers plum blossom and water narcissus. Different Parades take place all around the country. On the 15th day they celebrate the Lantern Festival. On this festival people carry Lantern with them in streets. play an important role in New Year Celebration. China Town Festival and Parades. Beauty Pageants, floats and marching parades are the important events during this celebration. In the city of Sydney in Australia you can watch the celebration from 12th-28th February 2010.... Chinese new year Twilight Parade Video

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Blog Hosting

If you are plannig to start a new site then have a look at this site Okay Blog. provides hosting of blogs free of cost. It makes use of wordpress to host the blog... It provides this service free of cost... All of us know that if a blog is powered by wordpress then maintaining of our post will be easy too. You can get the desired url at The important thing is that you can also place adsense ads in your blog which will help you to earn money... There is also provision for activating and deactivating adsense. Variety of eye catching beautiful wordpress themes are available for free. You can choose the one you like. They also have a directory where you can submit your link for free and generate traffic. Singning up for a free blog at is a simple process. Just specify the username and email and password then you are half done in creating your account for the blog. Next specify the desiered url and start blogging your thoughts...Don't forget it is provided all free of cost...Your blog will be displayed at with the user name you specify... Why need to wait ? Start blogging now itself at and enjoy free hosting.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rose Festival Chandigarh 2010

Rose Festival also known as the Festival of Gardens is celebrated in Chandigarh(India)every year during the month of February. Rose Festival 2010 dates are from 22nd to 24th February. It is a three day long festival where you can enjoy seeing beautiful roses each of different color and variety all blooming at one place. The venue of the Rose festival is the Rose Garden...there will be mind blowing dance and music performances, spot painting competition for kids, Rose Prince and Rose Princess competition also....Photos of Rose Festival Chandigar is below

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - The best Online Casino

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Natyanjali Dance Festival 2010 - Chidambaram

Natyanjali Dance Festival is celebrated every year in Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. It is a dance festival that is dedicated to Lord Nataraj. He is also called as the lord of dances. This festival takes place during the month of February and starts on Mahasivaratri. The dates for Natyanjali Dance Festival 2010 are from 12 February to 16 February. This is a five day long festival. The venue of this event is Chidambaram Nataraj Temple. This festival is organized by Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu in association with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and the Natyanjali Trust, Chidambaram.This festival brings together all the prominent dancers of India together. It is performed at the Prakaram of the temple.

Getting to Chidambaram

Bus routes: Buses are available from Chennai, Pondicherry, Madurai, Tanjavur and other places. It is about 75kms south of Pondicherry.

Railway station: The nearest Railway Station is Chidambaram.

Airport: The nearest airport is tirchy. Its about 160kms

Goa Carnival 2010 - India

Goa Carnival photo

Goa Carnival Festival is held every year during the month of February. It is one of the important carnival in India. Goa Carnival Festival 2010 dates have been announced. It will be held from February 13th to February 16th 2010. This festival was started by Protuguese when they ruled Goa. People from different parts of the country gather at Goa for this Goan Carnival. Eventhough it is a christian festival, people of all religion celebrate this festival. The highlights of this carnival is the colorful floats on the opening day and the red and black dance that takes place on the Club National in Panaji the capital of Goa. Floats, colossal parades, bands, balls and dances, groups of masked revelers dressed in dazzling costumes singing and dancing to the tunes of the renowned musicians are the important events in the Goa Carnival Festival(Goan Carnival)...You can also check out the other carnivals like Rio carnival, venice carnival and Montevideo carnival..

Chennai Science Festival 2010

View Larger Map
The mega Science Festival is now going on in Chennai. The Chennai Science Festival 2010 began on 3rd February 2010 and will continue till 7th February 2010. There are about 125 stalls that explains fundamental principles behind the applications that we use every day. The three main categories in this festival are food and health, climate change and energy. Its a five day long event and some of the important things that are displayed during this event are models of satellites and launch vehicles, modules employed for research in university laboratories and many more... The venue of Chennai Science Festival 2010 is Periyar Science and Technology centre, Kotturpuram, Chennai. The timings for the festival is from morning 10am to evening 6pm

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Venice Carnival 2010

Venice the most important place in Italy and also the beautiful place is Italy hosts a festival every year known as the Venice Carnival. The dates for Venice Carnival 2010( Carnevale De Venezia 2010)has been announced. It will be held from 6th to 16th February, 2010. Its one of the internationally known festival. It attracts lots of tourist ever year. During this festival people wear variety of beautiful masks and the streets of Venice will be full of people with masks. during this festival you can enjoy songs in the brother streets. You can see rope walkers, jugglers and spend money in restaurants, coffee shops and more...For more information on schedule of events in Venice Carnival 2010 visit the official site Some of the photos of Venice Carnival 2010(Carnevale De Venezia 2010)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dosa Fest 2010 - Chennai

Are you a lover of Dosa ? Looking for variety of Dosa's in one place ? Hotel Cholayil Sanjeevanam in Chennai is the answer for you.... Dosa Fest 2010 is conducted by them from January 29th to 7th February 2010. There are about 60 varieties of dosa. Some of the varieties of Dosa are AloeVera Masala Dosa, Pizza Dosa, Tofu Dosa, Kambu Dosa, Thenai Dosa and varieties of Uthappams and more... They are all served with varieties of Chutneys and other side dishes. For more details and address visit

Khajuraho Dance Festival 2010

Khajuraho Dance Festival is yet another festival that depicts the cultural heritage of India.The venue of this festival is Vishwanatha temple and open-air auditorium in front of the Chitragupta temple. During this Dance Festival many talented dancers perform different styles of dancing like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, odissi, manipuri, Kathak and more. The Khajuraho Dance Festival 2010 takes place from 1st February to 7th February. This festival is organised by Tourism of Madhya Pradesh every year. This festival attracts a lots of tourist every year. The important events/performances schedule in Khajuraho Festival of Dance 2010 are
February 1, 2010 - Rajashree Shirke(Kathak) and Meera Das(Odissi)

February 2, 2010- Performance by Sunanda Nair in Mohiniattam(Solo) and Solo Dance by Jha in Kathak and Kirti Ramgopal performs Bharatanatyam

February 3, 2010 - Performance in Kathak by Isabelle Anna and Bharatanatyam performance by Jayalakshmi.

February 4, 2010 - Arunima Kumar( Kuchipudi), Rahul Acharya(Odissi), Evoor s, Rajendran (Kathakali)

February 5, 2010 - Rani Khanam(Kathak), Bimbavathi Devi(Manipuri), Alpana Shukla(Kathak)

February 6, 2010 - Kapila Venu(Kutiyattam), Anuradha Venkatraman(Bharatanatyam), Chankradhar Nritya Kendra (Kathak)

February 7, 2010 - Vasundhara Dora Swami(Bharatanayam), Ram Mohan Maharaj(Kathak), IIeana Citaristi(Odissi)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Web Hosting

Now a days the number websites have increased tremendously. This is because the number of people who use internet have increased and many companies have stepped into online marketing. This article is about Web Hosting and how it works. Web Hosting Service help us to create our own website. The website will be hosted by a server and we need our website to be placed in the web server in order to make it accessible through the world wide web. The organisation that does this are called Web Hosting Companies. Some of the provide web hosting service for free and some others charge a little. Its our decision to choose the hosting company that satisfy the needs of our website. Cheap web hosting companies are also available. Some of the types of hosting service are free, shared web hosting, Reseller web hosting, dedicated hosting service, virtual hosting service, cloud hosting and more. While choosing a web hosting server the important consideration that ought to be made are the database server software, operating system, scripting software and some may include the content management system also. Before choosing the web hosting server decide what are the features you need for your website.....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sapporo Snow Festival - Japan

One of the important winter event in Japan is the Sapporo Snow Festival. It is held every year during the month of February. 61st Sapporo Snow Festival dates have been announced. It will be held from February 5th to February 11th 2010. This winter festival attracts a lot of people in Japan and also from abroad. The places of Sapporo Snow Festival 2010 are Odori Park, Susukino and Tsudome. Eye catching ice carvings and sculptures are the highlights of this Festival. About 2 million people visit every year to see these ice and snow sculptures. Gaint figures of about 30feet high can also be seen here...These range from tall buildings to Dinosaur. Photos/Images at the Sapporo Snow Festival in past years are below ....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hampi Festival - Karnataka

Hampi in Karnataka is one of the most important historical site in South India. Hampi shows the ruins of VijayaNagara Empire. Hampi has once been the capital of VijayaNagara Empire. It has ruins of temples, palace, barracks and stables. Hampi has been well noted for large structures, pavilions and carvings. Most of these structures were built by Krishna Deva Raya druing 16th century. Every year Hampi Festival is celebrated during November. But this year Hampi is celebrating its 500th Anniversary. It take place from 27th January to 29th January 2010. During this Hampi Festival 2010 one can enjoy watching dance, music, fireworks, music and more.

How to reach Hampi

Hampi is about 353km from Bangalore. The nearest airports are Bangalore, Bellary , Bijapur, Hubli. The nearest railway station ins Hospet.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Grape Escapade 2010 - Goa

The Grape Escapade 2010 is the Wine and Haute Cusine Festival celebrated in Goa every year. This is the sixth Wine and Haute Festival. This is the festival that brands Goa as a "Life Style Destination". This festival is organised by Goa Tourism Development Corporation in association with Developement of Tourism. The Grape Escapade 2010 dates are from 23rd January to 26th of January 2010. It is a four day long festival. The festival venue is Inox Courtyard, Panjim-Goa. The high light of the festival is the Grape Escapade Queen 2010 which will be held on the last day. The timings for this festival is daily from 6PM. This festival brings all vineyard owners, wine makers, wine importers, sommeliers, hoteliers, restaurants and professionals from the entertainment and food lovers together. It is expected to attract more than 20,000 wine lovers and visitors.

Rio Carnival 2010

Rio Carnival is one of the famous carnival and biggest of any other carnival in the world. Rio carnival 2010 takes place through out the villages and towns in Brazil. It is a four day long carnival and the important place that gets noticed during this carnival is Rio de Janeiro.... About 5 lakh tourists will visit Rio de Janeiro to see this carnival. This years Brazilian Carnival takes place from 13th February to 16th February. Some of the important events in the Rio carnival are
Samba Parades in Sambodromo
Carnival Balls
Magic ball at the Copa
Street Parties
Street Bands
Sambodromo Rehearsals
Saba City
Merry Making in Lapa
Rio scala Balls
Samba Scholl Nights and more...

The most important dates of this carnival are 14th and 15th February... If you want to be part of the Samba parade and want to buy tickets for the Rio Carnival 2010 at Rio de Janeiro then visit the official website of the Rio Carnival If you want to buy costumes for the parade of Samba you can purchase it using the above mentioned site.

Some of the hotels in Rio de Janeiro are Mar Ipanema Hotel, Astoria Hotel, Copacabana Palace Hotel, Arpoador Inn, Benidrom Hotel and more... Some of the beautiful photos of Rio Carnival.....

Look out the official site for more videos of the Rio Carniva. Brazil Rio carnival videos are also available online

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Radar Guns - How it works

We might have wondered how the traffic police calculates the speed of our vechile... The answer to this question is the radar gun. Its other name is speed gun. Its main use is to track speed objects. It can track speed of moving objects only. We might have seen such guns in traffic police hands. They use them to find the speed of cars, automobiles and other trucks. Its not only used in regulating traffic but also used to track speed of balls and all moving objects in sports. There are radar guns for golf, hockey, Tennis, baseball, soccer and more... These radar guns come with display boards too... The basic principle behind the calculation of the speed of objects is the doppler effect. These radar guns sends out the radio signal which are then received as they bounces of the object. So when the signal bounces back its frequency changes and with the help of this frequency only the speed of the object is calculated. These radar guns may be hand held or vechile mounted. They are available for a variety of sports and their prices vary based on the range and quality. There are number of online shops that sell radar guns....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smart Shoppers Expo 2010

View Larger Map Google Map YMCA Ground Chennai

Dinamalar, BSNL and Aachi Masala together jointly organizes the "Smart Shoppers expo 2010". It is being held in Chennai and Coimbatore. The expo in Chennai has already began. The duration of Smart Shoppers Expo is 5 days from January 14 to January 18, 2010. This is the place where we can buy all house hold things and lot more. There are about 200 stalls ... The expo will be open from(timings is) 11AM to 8.30PM. The venue of Smart Shoppers Expo 2010 is Royapettah, YMCA ground. Coimbatore Smart Shoppers Expo 2010 will be from 23rd to 26th of January 2010. The venue in coimbatore is Kodicia Arangam. The timings is same as before....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Online Casino Directory

All of us might have heard of casinos... The house that involves certain type of gambling activities. If you are a lover of playing games at casinos then this is the topic you might like. Some people like playing online casinos and some others love playing at the real slots. Now a days with the introduction of online casinos many people have started playing casino games from their homes. Online Casino Dir is one which provides all information related to casinos. It provides a lot of information for easy understanding of the system. We can know about the top online casinos in US and UK. They provide guidelines for playing at casinos. The list of casinos that offer initial bonus when we join can also be found at this site. Basics of playing games such as Porker, Bingo, Craps, Black Jack and many more are also available. We can also know about the best online casino and also the reviews about casinos. This site would definitely be a one stop shop for the people who love playing casinos. Why you want to wait to play casino ? Go to this site and gather the information that you want to know about the casinos and start playing the game you like.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bonjour India- Festival of France 2010

Bonjour India 2010 is a festival that depicts the Indo-France relationship. This festival strengthens the relationship through exhibitions, concerts, literary meetings, film festivals, debates, conferences, food festivals and economic, and educational and scientific exchanges. "Bonjour India Festival of France" is a 3 month long festival held during December 2009 to February 2010. This year's Bonjour India was inaugurated on December 1st of 2009. It take place in 18 cities in India. The cities in which Bonjour India events take place are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai, Mysore, Nashik, Pondicherry, Pune, Trivandrum and Varanasi. They are conducting about 100 events. For more details about venues and events of Bonjour India 2010 in cities(Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore and others) visit - Social Conservative site

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chennai Sangamam - Food Festival 2010 Venues/places

"Chennai Sangamam 2010" is the biggest open festival. It is celebrated every year during the harvest festival (Pongal Festival) in TamilNadu. Its a week long festival. One of the important festival in Chennai Sangamam is the "Food Festival"("Tamil Unavu Thiruvizha"). It is a "Sangamam of cuisines". It is the place where you can taste variety of foods at a cheaper rate. You will be able to get the five star hotels food at a road side rate. Some of the mouth watering dishes are Thirnelveli Iruttu Kadai Halwa, Dindugal biriyani, Kerala food, tribal food, Madurai Jigarthanda, Srivilliputhur Palkova, Madurai Prema Vilas Halwa, Manapparai Murukku, Kovilpatti kadalamittai, Nethili fish curry and more vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The places are venues where the food festival in Chennai Sangamam 2010 take place are

1) Nageswara Rao Park, Mylapore - The hotels in Mylapore where the food festival take place are
  • Kailash Parbhath
  • Sangeetha
  • SRM Institute of Hotel Management
  • Chettinadu
  • Bombay Ice cream
2)Natesan Park, T-Nagar is another venue and the names of the hotels are as follows
Ente Keralam, Copper Chimney, Burma Bai Parotta, Savorit, GRT, Jenny's Academy, Cup O Cafe

3)Bouganvilla Park, Anna Nagar
The hotels are Kokum, Savorit, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, MGR Institute of Hotel Management, EMPEE Institute of Hotel Management, Prakash Thattukada, Namma Dindigul

4)Thiru Vi Ka Park, Shenoy Nagar
The venues of food festival in this location are Kokum, Thattukada, MGR Institute of Hotel Management, EMPEE Institute of Hotel Management, Savorit, Cup O Café, Burma Bai Parotta, Namma Dindigul

5)Sivan Park, KK Nagar an the name of the hotel is Adyar Ananda Bhavan

6)Lady Wellington School, Marine drive and the hotels that participate in food festival are Kailash Prabhath, Tirupur Food, Virudhunagar Food, Burma Bai Parotta, Savera, Dindigul Bangaru, Badugas, Asan Memorial

These are some venues. The whole list of places where chennai sangamam food festival 2010 take place can be found at website

Travel with your pets

Most of us like pets a lot. They are very playful and very affection and faithful towards us. Some of the pets that we like most are dogs, cats, parrots and others. We even consider them as one of our family members. At the same time every one likes to travel too. The places like US, Mexico and Canada attracts lots of tourist every year.But most of us must have gone through a situation where we were not able to take our pets with us when we go for a tour. The main reason behind this is that we don't know whether the hotel which we choose to stay will allow our pets with us. Blog about pet friendly travel is one of the site where the information about the pet friendly hotels are available. This a nice information for all pet lovers since they can always be with their pets when on tour. If you are in Canada, US or Mexico then this site provides all information about the spa, resorts and hotels that allow our pets. Enjoy the tour with your pets..... Happy journey....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jaipur Kite Fetival 2010 - Jaipur

Jaipur also known as Pink City is the capital of Rajasthan. It is one of the important place in India. It attracts a lot of tourist every year. The major tourist attraction or the places to see in Jaipur include Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar. One of the important event that attracts every one to Jaipur is the kite festival. It is celebrated every year during Makar Sankranti, in January(January 14). The international kite festival makes the sky very colorful. During this festival splendid kites were flown by expert kitist. You can see different varieties and colors of kites. It is the 20th International Kite Festival. Fighter kite competition will also be held during this festival... Visit Jaipur .. Enjoy kite festival

Tourism Expo Chennai 2010

The "75th Travel and Tourism fair" began in Chennai, Tamil Nadu on Friday. It is one of the biggest travel show in India. Many travel companies from all over India participate in this travel fair. Foreign companies also participate in this "tourism expo". All information such as travel and tour packages, destinations, hotel and all travel related information are available at one place. There are about 125 stalls from 26 states in India. There are also stalls offering trips to abroad including China and Nepal. The duration of the Travel and Tourism fair is only three days(8th, 9th and 10th of January). The venue of Travel and Tourism fair Chennai 2010 is Rajah Muthiah and Rani Meyyammal Hall, Egmore.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Travel and Leisure

Travel is one of the fascinating thing that every one love. Most people like travelling during their holidays and also during weekends. Every one have a favorite hang out spot. But the greatest confusion that strikes our mind is where to travel, when to visit which place and where we can do shopping and where to stay? The answer to all these questions can be found at Travel and Leisure. In this site we can find a lot of articles related to travel. Information about the festivals, Travel packages, travel tips, flights, best travel companies can be found here .... They too provide information on currency and sffective management of your money when abroad. Its a gallery of all travel related information. Have a view at this site when planning your vacation... Have a wonderful tour...

Harbin International Ice Festival 2010

Harbin is an important city in the country of China. It is situated in Heilongjiang Province. The temperature in this region may fall to -22degree F. Since the temperature is low it will be covered with ice. So naturally snow carvings, ice lanterns, fireworks display and snow recreations makes this region an important place during winter. One of the important festival that takes place in Harbin, China is the "Harbin Ice Festival". "Harbin International Ice Festival 2010" began on January 5. The Harbin festival is one of the world's four largest ice and snow festivals.... "Duration of Harbin international festival" is almost a month. It attracts most of the tourists every year. Its one of the tourist attraction in China. It is a great winter festival. The 26th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2010 is a must see festival... Some of the ice sculptures in harbin festival this year includes Fairy tale palaces, pagodas, Egyptian Sphynx and more.... Don't miss this festival...

San Fransisco tourist attractions and festivals

San Fransisco is an important city in California and the most popular one too. It is one of the important tourist destination in United States. Want to know about places to visit and San Francisco things to do read below... While in San Fransisco visit the "Golden Gate Bridge". Its an engineering marvel. It is also one of the "most photographed sites" in the world. Travel in cable car. It is one of the thing that most of the people visiting San Fransisco like. Next one is the coit tower where you can have a magnificent view of the city. Union square is the place where you can see shops and hotels. Its near the famous Theater District. Some of the important international events and festivals that take place in San Fransisco are,

"San Fransisco International Art Festival" from May 19 to May 30 2010.
"San Fransisco International Dragon Boat Festival" on 25th and 26th September 2010
"San Fransisco International Film Festival" from April 22 to May 6 2010.

These are some important festivals in San Fransisco.... Have a nice trip

Kumbha Mela 2010 - Haridwar

Kumbha Mela is celebrated in Haridwar this year. It is the religious event which gathers a millions of people from around the world. 2010 Kumbha Mela will take place from 14th January to 28th April 2010. The word Kumba means pot and mela means fair. The history behind kumbha mela is that, when God's lost their strenght they began churning of ocean of milk for amirt in-order to regain their strengths. The Asuras helped them in churning the ocean with a condition that half of the portion should be given to them. Once the amirta appeared fight began between them which lasted of 12 years. So when Lord Vishnu flew away with the pot of amirt it fell on earth in 4 places namely Prayag, Haridwar, Nasik and Ujjain. It is considered sacred taking bath on the rivers Ganga, Godavari, Yamuna and Sarawathi during Kumba mela. The Kumba Mela shifts four times between these four locations every 12 years. Maha Kumbha Mela occurs every 144 years. Last time millions and millions of people gathered Kumba Mela... The bathing dates for Kumhbamela are
14th,15th,20th,30th of January
12th February
15th, 16th and 24th , 30th March
14th and 28th of April

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Greenville, South Carolina - Tourist Attractions

Greenville is a city in South Carolina, United States. It is the "largest city" in Upstate. It has a number of tourist attractions. Its well known for its theaters and well venues. These venues host the important concerts. One such important venue is "Bi-Lo Center" where major events and sports take place every year. Haywood Mall is an important mall in the city. Greenville SC a shopping center for some people too. It consists of a number of golf centers where you can play golf in night time too. One of the important golf center is Crosswinds golf club. To know about the jobs in this area see Greenville SC Jobs. The most important attractions in this area includes "Falls Park" on the Reedy, Greenville County Museum of Art, Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery, Greenville Coo in Cleveland Park, Roper Mountain science center and more.... Have a pleasant tour in Greenville.

Chennai Book Fair 2010

The 12 day long book fair in Chennai, TamilNadu began on 30h December 2009. It is the 33rd "Chennai Book Fair". It was opened by TamilNadu Chief Minister Mr. M. Karunanidhi. The Chennai Book Fair is organised by the Booksellers’ and Publishers’ Association of South India (BAPASI). t

Timings of Chennai Book Fair
The book fair will be opened from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm on working days and 11:00 am to 8:30 pm on holidays.

Venue of Chennai Book Fair
The venue of Chennai Book Fair is "St.George Anglo Indian School" which is opposite to Pachayappan college in Poonamalee High Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 30

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prague Winter Festival 2010

Prague Winter Festival is held every year during the month of January. Prague Winter Festival 2010 is the being held for the 38th time...This year's Prague Winter Festival 2010 dates are from 2nd to 7th January. The famous opera houses in Europe are the venue of this festival. During this festival one can enjoy ballet, classical music and opera in famous theaters like the Prague State Opera, the National Theatre, Estates Theatre...For more information about this festival and to book tickets visit the website

Hotels in London - Hotel Russell

London the capital of England is one of the most important tourist places in the world. Every year lots of travelers visit the beautiful city of London. It is the largest metropolitan city in United Kingdom. Once in a tourist place out next thought will be about where to stay? There are a number of hotels in London. One of the important hotel is Hotel Russell. Hotel Russell London is in the heart of central London. This "luxury hotel" is an example of "Victorian Architecture". It is a "four start hotel". It is an ideal place to stay since most of the tourist attractions are easily reachable from here. All rooms are well furnished to make every one comfort. Russell Hotel is situated in Bloomsbury. There are about 373 rooms. It is also a perfect place for meetings, events and conferences. Fully equipped function rooms is also available and it can accomodate about 450 people. Special offers is also available. It is possible to book the rooms online. Room service is available for 24hours. For food and drinking there is Fitzroy Doll’s Restaurant. some of the facilities that are available in Hotel Russell are dining room, 24hour reception, bar, business center, dry cleaning, air conditioning, satellite TV and more. The average rate is 89pound. Hotel Russell London is an ideal place to stay.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burj Dubai /Burj Khalif - Tallest Building in World

Dubai which is a "shopping paradise" and well known for beautiful and tall buildings has know added yet another building to its list. Burj Dubai also known as Burj Khalif which has been just opened on January 2010 is now "the tallest building in the world". Burj Dubai- the skyscraper in Dubai is more than 800 meters tall. The height of Burj Dubai has not yet been decided. The visitors will have an opportunity to take a look from the 124th floor. It takes about 2 minutes to reach the 124th floor in lift. World's first Armani Hotels will occupy the bottom floors of Burj Dubai. It also has
900 Dubai residences, 37 floors of office space, restaurants and an observation deck. Armani would be responsible for overseeing all aspects the interior design and style of the hotels.

Facts about Burj Dubai/Burj Dubai's World Records

World's tallest building
Building with highest number of stories
Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world
Tallest free-standing structure in the world
Highest occupied floor in the world

Ticket Information Burj Dubai

You have to get a ticket to view Dubai from the observation deck. The ticket allows you to view for 60minutes.There is discounted pricing of tickets for group more than 20 members. For more information visit