Sunday, January 17, 2010

Radar Guns - How it works

We might have wondered how the traffic police calculates the speed of our vechile... The answer to this question is the radar gun. Its other name is speed gun. Its main use is to track speed objects. It can track speed of moving objects only. We might have seen such guns in traffic police hands. They use them to find the speed of cars, automobiles and other trucks. Its not only used in regulating traffic but also used to track speed of balls and all moving objects in sports. There are radar guns for golf, hockey, Tennis, baseball, soccer and more... These radar guns come with display boards too... The basic principle behind the calculation of the speed of objects is the doppler effect. These radar guns sends out the radio signal which are then received as they bounces of the object. So when the signal bounces back its frequency changes and with the help of this frequency only the speed of the object is calculated. These radar guns may be hand held or vechile mounted. They are available for a variety of sports and their prices vary based on the range and quality. There are number of online shops that sell radar guns....


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