Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lead a Healthy Life - Diet

In this polluted world the foremost thing which we need to take care is our health. We all know that Health is Wealth. For a good health one must choose a correct form of diet also. Too much of intake of anything may leave as in problem. Now a days obesity has become a common thing. It is because our diet and composition of vitamins and minerals is not in good composition. Choose the diet that suits you. Take healthy food, green vegetables, diet shakes, fruits at proper timings so that you can maintain your health and also lead a healthy life

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Security Gadgets

Technology has advanced a lot. Computers are being used for security purposes widely. There a lot of software in the market. Today internet is mainly used by people of all ages. Parents are mainly concerned about the safety of their children and everyone is concerned about the safety of their personal PC and laptops.. You might have heard of the Key logger software which is used to capture the key strokes that anyone types. But the drawback is that it can be detected by the anti virus software easily and removed. BrickHouse security company provides a key logger device which can be c sonnected to the USB. The device is named Stealth iBot. Once inserted into the system the data iBot monitors all activities in the computer. After 4 seconds the spy tool can be removed. So no one can find that the system is being monitored. It can capture upto 10000 screen shots. So if someone missuses your computer you can easily find that one. But use it in positive way.  This Brickhouse security company also sells surveillance cameras, car cameras, GPS tracking, audio jammers, home security systems, cell phone surveillance, camera detectors and many other security items. Choose the devices that you need and enjoy being under the safety zone.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

HMI software

Everything is becoming computerized now a days. Computers have been employed in any fields. The main reasons are easy management, controlling of functions, cutting of time and cost. So every company is going for a software solution for their problems. Intellisys is a company which mainly focuses on water and waste water facilities management. The have designed a software that helps in plant management and control. The Integrated Plant Management and Control software comes with 3 modules each performing a different function.
  • SystemVIEW
  • ReportVIEW
  • MaintenanceVIEW
When these modules are combined together they provide a very powerful solution. The systemView is a visualization application. It is a hmi software(Human Machine Interface). It provides a real time visualization and controlling of devices. One can create  realistic graphic views, virtual control panels, trend views, alarm views and hierarchical menu systems quickly with the help of this application. It can easily be integrated with other module for sharing of data. This hmi software come with security management also.The ReportVIEW is used to provide realistic analysis of collected data in chart, graph and excel sheet formats. It provides easy access to historical data  which can be helpful in decision making. MaintenanceVIEW application helps in work order management, tracks maintenance by cost center, department, location, asset item and employee, easy access to asset documents and reports. IPMC will be very helpful in management of plants. Use it and make benefit of it as much as you can

    Rio Carnival 2011

    Brazil is all again set for the world's best carnival(carnaval) the Rio Carnival 2011. You can say Rio carnival as one of the largest carnival also. It takes places throughout the streets and villages of Brazil. Year by year the number of tourist who visit Brazil to see this parade is also increasing. It depicts the culture of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro will be full of people during this period.  Rio Carnival 2011 will take place from 5th March to 8th March 2011. Some of the important parades and events of this Brazilian Carnival are
    • Samba Parades
    • Carnival Balls
    • Magic ball at the Copa
    • Ball masque at the Sofitel
    • Rio Scala balls
    • Samba Land terreirao
    • SAMBODROMO REHEARSALS and may more ...

    If you are eager in participating in the carnival and need to buy tickets visit the official website. There you can have a detailed view of  each of the events. You can also buy dresses for the parades online. The parade will be very magnificent to watch.. Visit Brazil Enjoy the Rio Carnival 2011.
    Some of the beautiful photos of Rio Carnival

    Cricket World Cup 2011

    Cricket is being watched by millions of people across the world. There are large number of cricket lovers all over the world. The ICC world cup 2011 is going to start today and its going to be a good delight for cricket lovers.This Cricket world cup 2011 is the  10th world cup. The inauguration has been done and it was spectacular to watch. India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are the host of this 2011 cricket World Cup.
    Group A consists of  Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya.
    Group B consists of  India, South Africa, England, Bangladesh, West Indies, Netherlands and Ireland.

    ICC World Cup 2011  match Schedule is

    Match Date Teams Venue
    1 19 Feb India vs Bangladesh Dhaka
    2 20 Feb New Zealand vs Kenya Chennai
    3 20 Feb Sri Lanka vs Canada Hambantota
    4 21 Feb Australia vs Zimbabwe Ahmedabad
    5 22 Feb England vs Netherlands Nagpur
    6 23 Feb Pakistan vs Kenya Hambantota
    7 24 Feb South Africa vs West Indies New Delhi
    8 25 Feb Australia vs New Zealand Nagpur
    9 25 Feb Bangladesh vs Ireland Dhaka
    10 26 Feb Sri Lanka vs Pakistan Colombo
    11 27 Feb India vs England Kolkata*
    12 28 Feb West Indies vs Netherlands New Delhi
    13 28 Feb Zimbabwe vs Canada Nagpur
    14 1 Mar Sri Lanka vs Kenya Colombo
    15 2 Mar England vs Ireland Bangalore
    16 3 Mar South Africa vs Netherlands Mohali
    17 3 Mar Pakistan vs Canada Colombo
    18 4 Mar New Zealand vs Zimbabwe Ahmedabad
    19 4 Mar Bangladesh vs West Indies Dhaka
    20 5 Mar Sri Lanka vs Australia Colombo
    21 6 Mar India vs Ireland Bangalore
    22 6 Mar England vs South Africa Chennai
    23 7 Mar Kenya vs Canada New Delhi
    24 8 Mar Pakistan vs New Zealand Pallekelle
    25 9 Mar India vs Netherlands New Delhi
    26 10 Mar Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe Pallekelle
    27 11 Mar West Indies vs Ireland Mohali
    28 11 Mar Bangladesh vs England Chittagong
    29 12 Mar India vs South Africa Nagpur
    30 13 Mar New Zealand vs Canada Mumbai
    31 13 Mar Australia vs Kenya Bangalore
    32 14 Mar Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Pallekelle
    33 14 Mar Bangladesh vs Netherlands Chittagong
    34 15 Mar South Africa vs Ireland Kolkata
    35 16 Mar Australia vs Canada Bangalore
    36 17 Mar England vs West Indies Chennai
    37 18 Mar Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Mumbai
    38 18 Mar Ireland vs Netherlands Kolkata
    39 19 Mar Australia vs Pakistan Colombo
    40 19 Mar Bangladesh vs South Africa Dhaka
    41 20 Mar Zimbabwe vs Kenya Kolkata
    42 20 Mar India vs West Indies Chennai
    43 23 Mar First Quarterfinal Dhaka
    44 24 Mar Second Quarterfinal Colombo
    45 25 Mar Third Quarterfinal Dhaka
    46 26 Mar Fourth Quarterfinal Ahmedabad
    47 29 Mar First Semifinal Colombo
    48 30 Mar Second Semifinal Mohali
    49 02 Apr FINAL Mumbai

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Increase Website Traffic

    In this advanced world everything is becoming online. Every company has its own website to do advertising and most websites enable people to do online shopping. Most of the people search for content using search engines like google, yahoo, bing and many other. Each of these search engine has a algorithm with which they list the websites with related content. The traffic to the website depends on these search engines. There are a number of things which you have to do in order to increase website traffic.
                    There are a number of search engine optimization company(SEO) which makes this task easier. One such company is Think Big. It has been awarded the 2nd best SEO company. It helps to make your website bigger and bigger and also drives more traffic to your website. Some of the features that it offers are
                     a)High quality website design using flash, XHTML.
                     b)Hosting and blog writing services.
                     C)The organic search engine optimization which comprises of the following
                     The organic search engine is one of the most valuable thing which puts your site in google page one within short span. The reason behind this is that they use the best strategy to drive traffic. Increasing the in bound link, Keyword analysis. Links plays a major role in increasing the google page rank and they do this part perfectly. They also provide free SEO analysis for any website. Meta tag plays a major role in SEO. Think big helps in creation of sitemap and meta tag. You can choose which one you need and the pricing will be based on that. Choose think big increase traffic as well as your business. The more traffic you get higher the opportunity of sales.

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Celebration of Chinese New Year - Year of Rabbit 2011

    Chinese celebrated their new year on February 3, 2011. This year is called as the year of Rabbit. Chinese usually give names to each year and this name is one of the name of the 12 animals. The year of golden rabbit i from February 3, 2011 to January 22, 2012. There is a belief that people born in this year will be talented, friendly, ambitious and also have good taste. Their financial state will also be good.  Some of the photos from Chinese New Year Celebration