Saturday, February 19, 2011

HMI software

Everything is becoming computerized now a days. Computers have been employed in any fields. The main reasons are easy management, controlling of functions, cutting of time and cost. So every company is going for a software solution for their problems. Intellisys is a company which mainly focuses on water and waste water facilities management. The have designed a software that helps in plant management and control. The Integrated Plant Management and Control software comes with 3 modules each performing a different function.
  • SystemVIEW
  • ReportVIEW
  • MaintenanceVIEW
When these modules are combined together they provide a very powerful solution. The systemView is a visualization application. It is a hmi software(Human Machine Interface). It provides a real time visualization and controlling of devices. One can create  realistic graphic views, virtual control panels, trend views, alarm views and hierarchical menu systems quickly with the help of this application. It can easily be integrated with other module for sharing of data. This hmi software come with security management also.The ReportVIEW is used to provide realistic analysis of collected data in chart, graph and excel sheet formats. It provides easy access to historical data  which can be helpful in decision making. MaintenanceVIEW application helps in work order management, tracks maintenance by cost center, department, location, asset item and employee, easy access to asset documents and reports. IPMC will be very helpful in management of plants. Use it and make benefit of it as much as you can

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