Sunday, February 20, 2011

Security Gadgets

Technology has advanced a lot. Computers are being used for security purposes widely. There a lot of software in the market. Today internet is mainly used by people of all ages. Parents are mainly concerned about the safety of their children and everyone is concerned about the safety of their personal PC and laptops.. You might have heard of the Key logger software which is used to capture the key strokes that anyone types. But the drawback is that it can be detected by the anti virus software easily and removed. BrickHouse security company provides a key logger device which can be c sonnected to the USB. The device is named Stealth iBot. Once inserted into the system the data iBot monitors all activities in the computer. After 4 seconds the spy tool can be removed. So no one can find that the system is being monitored. It can capture upto 10000 screen shots. So if someone missuses your computer you can easily find that one. But use it in positive way.  This Brickhouse security company also sells surveillance cameras, car cameras, GPS tracking, audio jammers, home security systems, cell phone surveillance, camera detectors and many other security items. Choose the devices that you need and enjoy being under the safety zone.

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