Monday, December 28, 2009

Chennai Sangamam 2010 - Cultural Festival in TamilNadu

Chennai Sangamam is one of the largest cultural festival held in Chennai during the month of January every year. It is announced that Chennai Sangamam 2010 will be held from January 10. This festival is organized by Department of tourism and culture of Government of Tamil Nadu. And Tamil Maiyam. Chennai Sangamam is centered around the Pongal festival. It is the "biggest open festival" in India.

Festival takes place in various parts of Chennai. It is conducted in parks, beaches, school/college grounds and many more venues. About 2000 performers take part. It depicts the culture of Tamil Nadu. 

Events in Chennai Sangamam Festival and Venues

Some of the important events are the 

Food festival – Where you can taste all kinds of food from Kongu Nadu Samayal, Manaparai Murukku, Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai, Virundhunagar Parotta, Iruttukadai Halwa, Dindigul Venu Biriyani and Chettinad Samayal. The "venue of food festival" will be in different places. Go there and enjoy the feast.
Carnatic Music Festival – If you are a lover of music then you have opportunity to hear songs from your favorite singers.

Games – All traditional games like Silambattam, Malyutham, Vazhukumaram, Uriyadi, and Kalari will be there at the fest.

The other important festivals are dance festival, poetry and photography contest too. Go to the spots and enjoy all fest.

For more information about venues and events in Chennai Sangamam 2010 visit 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Badrinath Temple/ Hotels and eateries in Badrinath

Badrinath is a town situated in Uttarakhand District in North India. The town lies between the mountain ranges "Nar and Narayana". It is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in India. Every year lots of people visit the holy temple in Badrinath. It is about 3000 meters above the sea level. It is one among the top four pilgrimage sites in India. Badrinath Temple is the important tourist attractions in the town of Badrinath. It is situated near the Indo-Tibet Border. Reaching Badrinath is itself a pleasure. On the way to the temple of Badrinath you can see the tall mountains, dense forest on one side and steep valley on the other, the beauty of the rivers flowing and some wild animals crossing the roads. It’s a beautiful tourist spot where you can give your camera a lot of work. The Badrinath temple will be opened only for 6 months from March/April to September.

Getting to Badrinath Temple

You can reach Badrinath from Kedarnath which takes two days. Another famous place while on tour to Badrinath is the Joshimath. This is an important town on the way to Badrinath. It is said that it’s better to reach Joshimath and stay there and start to Badrinath on the next day morning and return in the evening. Since its forest area and there were no sufficient lights on the road that leads to Badrinath vehicles were not allowed during the night time. The nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport (317 km). The nearest railway stations are Haridwar (310 km) and Rishikesh (297 km) and Kotdwar (327 km) . There are regular buses operating to Badrinath, from Delhi, Rishikish and Haridwar.

Hotels in Badrinath/Joshimath

There are a number of hotels and Ashrams in Badrinath as well as Joshimath. The rooms may be available from Rs.300 also. Most of the ashrams provide food too. You can also bring tents and have camp there.

Eateries in Badrinath

Only vegetarian food is available and allowed in Badrinath. You can found a lot of eateries around the temple. You cannot expect luxury hotels there since all hotels will be closed after the "yatra season".

Shopping in Badrinath

You can buy coins, holy books, Ayurvedic medicine, aarti booklets, beads, bracelets, sea shells, temple requirements.

Enjoy the beauty of Himalayas.......

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thyagaraja Aradhana - Carnatic Music Festival

One of the most important "Music Festival in South India" is "Thyagaraja Aradhana". It is held every year in, "Thiruvaiyaru in TamilNadu" on the banks of the river "Cauvery". It is the place where the great music composer lived and attained samadhi. On behalf of this, every year many carnatic singers and musicians gather from all over the country at Thiruvaiyaru and sings "Pancharatna kritis" on Bahula Panchami. Thyagaraja Aradhana will be held during the month of January or February every year. The date for "Thyagaraja Aradhana 2010" is January 5. This festival is observed on the fifth day during the Krishna paksha or waning phase of moon. Find lots of music in music torrents.

About Thyagaraja

He was born on 1767 in Thiruvaiyaru. Thygaraja was an eminent composer in classical music, poet and a philosopher. He knows Sanskrit and Astrology and well versed in his mother tongue Telugu. He composed Kirtis by using about 200 Ragas. He composed about 1,800 Kritis.. He was beleived to have attained Mukthi in January 1847. He is an inspirations for all singers and composers, musicians.

Getting to Thiruvaiyaru

Air - The nearest Airport is Trichy. You can take bus from there to Thiruvaiyaru which is nearly 72Kms away.

Rail - The nearest railway station is Thanjavur. There are trains from Maduari and Chennai which runs through Thanjavur and can take bus from there.

Roadways - There are direct buses from Thanjavur to Thiruvaiyaru

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thalasso spa in France

France is one of the important tourist places that attract lot of foreigners every year. Now a days health tourism is increasing in France. Every one cares about their health. France is famous for “Thalassotherapy” and “Balneotherapy” which means use of sea water, mud and various kinds of sand for the treatment of diseases and also to make you relaxed and refreshed. There are a number of spa centers in France which offer you these therapies. One of the important hotels which offer you Balneotherapy and Thalassotherapy is Hotel Paris . To know more about Thalassotherapy and for online booking visit Thalassothérapie. Also visit Blog France for more information. These centers will make you refreshed......... Do visit them during your tour to France.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hampton Roads Virginia

Hampton Roads is one of the world's biggest natural harborHampton Road harbor in virginia is one of the place where one can watch tall ships, tug boats, containers, cruise ships and navy battleships. It is one of the most strategic harbors in the world. Everyone likes to see dolphins jumping here and there. If offered an oppurtunity to swim with dolphins every one would like it. To know more about this see swimming with dolphins

Things to do in Hampton Roads

Visit Yorktown Battlefield and the Yorktown Victory center and know about the surrender of British army under Cornwallis to the American and French allied forces under George Washington.

If you are fond of ice creams, definitely visit Doumar's in Norfolk. It has been serving great ice cream cones and barbecue for decades. It is present since 1934.

The next important place is the Colonial Williamsburg's Revolutionary city. You can see street scape events and dramatic programs.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Funny T-Shirts for everyone

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Linking Road Shopping place in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the important city in North India. Mumbai has lot of tourist attractions. Whenever we go for tours the thing we do is Shopping. Shopping while touring makes our tour unforgettable. The "shopping hub in North India"(Mumbai) is the "Linking Road".

Getting to Linking Road
Linking Road in Mumbai is 2km from Bandra towards Khar in Mumbai's Bandra area.

Timings for shopping in Linking Road
The shops will be open by 11am and will be on till 10pm. Only cash purchase All you want is only the bargaining capability

The official name of Linking Road is Vitthalbhai Patel Marg. Once in Linking Road you will be able to find from branded to cheap Chinese goods. It has a number of "shoe shops". The amazing thing is that even though tiny shops they sell all "latest style shoe and slippers". Some of them are work shoes, high heels, party shoes, gladiator sandals and many more... If you are in need of coupons for purchase or in need of free shipping of goods visit Newegg free shipping promo code.

If you want to "buy dresses and bags"? Then lake left from red KFC and all you have is the stuffs from Bankok... T-shirts, bags, belts, dresses and more you can see. There are also some furniture shops and North Indian restaurants like Sheetal Samudra. The spicy North Indian foods that are famous are frankies, chaats, pav bhaji, schezwan dosa, cheese pav bhaji, aloo tikki burger, chicken and more. You can see and taste all these items in one place "The Linking Road".

Linking road is one of the best place to shop in Mumbai...You can see all "the recent trends and fashion in North India" in one place. Don't forget do bargaining where ever possible....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Property Management

Are you having properties and don't have time to manage them ?If you are in Central or Southwest Ohio/ Northern Kentucky then your solution is "Real Property Management". "Real Property Management" manages and takes care of all properties ranging from homes, condos, apartment buildings, store fronts, and Homeowner associations. They have years of experience in this field. There are many professionals who takes care of your valuable property. Once you have tie up with then you don't have to worry about your property. They take full responsibility for renting your house, collecting rents from tenants and they too inspect your property 3 times per year. There is facility for online payment also. You can also request for any repairs in your rented house through online which saves much of your time. The owners need to say only what has to be done and they will do it for you. They have also received "Franchise of the Year" award. For more information visitReal Property Management

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Make safe tour with your baby

When you are planning for tour with your baby, the site you need to make use of is baby travel. This site provides many valuable information. It contains review of family friendly hotels by many parents. You can also buy products related to babies like baby travel kit, dresses and many more. Its possible to check availability of hotels and book them online. To know and buy different baby products visit Baby Boutique and they provide free shipping for purchase over $99.

Grand Canal - The Most Beautiful Street In Venice

View Larger Map
Venice is one of the most important tourist attraction in Italy. Venice is known various names such as City of Bridges, City of Light, City of Water and this list expands... One of the important place in such a city is the "Grand Canal". Grand canal is the most beautiful street in Venice. Have a ride on the Grand Canal to see the beautiful architecture of Venice. Grand Canal is in the form of the shape "S". If take ride on night then you will be able to see the reflection of those beautiful buildings lighted with different colors on the water. The Grand Canal is over 2 miles long. The attractions along the Grand Canal includes San Marco Piazza, Santa Maria della Salute, Natural History Museum, International Gallery of Modern Art and many churches. When you visit Venice enjoy "gondola rides" on the Grand Canal which most of the tourists prefer. - The best supercharger

Are you in need of super chargers, turbochargers and nose covers? Then the best place to shop is Mercedes Supercharger. They sell both new and re manufactured ones. You can select from a wide rage of available chargers. You can save a great deal of money by purchasing them through their website. The website provides easy way to search the products by specifying the year and model number. So when you are going to buy super chargers, turbochargers and nose covers the best place to shop is through"". The important thing to note is that all their orders come with "Free Shipping".

Mahabalipuram Dance Festival

Mahabalipuramthe city of Pallavas is conducting Dance festival every year during the month of January and February. It is a month long festival. Several dancers showcases their skills in Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi, folk, Kathakali and many more. Many renowned artists from all over India show cast their talents. It is held at the venue of Arjuna's penance, a bass-relief sculpted on the face of two enormous adjacent rocks, in Mamallapuram. You can see the beautiful pictures of Mahabalipuram dance festival on flickr..For information and reservation for Mahabalipuram Dance Festival visit the tourism office...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best Car Hire

When you are on vacation or want to go on a tour with your family or friends you will definitely need some easy means of transportation. The best way is to hire a car. Car Hire Spain is the website where you can easily search and hire cars of your interest. They are the premier choice of car hires in Europe and worldwide. You can search for the cars by specifying the pick up location, date and time and it will list different types of car that are available and the charge they cost. You can hire the car simply online by a single click. Their network has spread worldwide. They offer both luxury and budget car hires that makes your journey comfort and enjoyable.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Palm Island

View Larger Map

Dubai the land of skyscrapers and beautiful buildings is yet again set out to make another wonderful structure. This time it is an artificial island in Dubai ....... "Palm islands" are the artificial islands in Dubai. These islands are named "Palm Jebel Ali", "Palm Deira", "Palm Jumeirah". These islands resemble the shape of the palm tree. These islands will contain major commercial and residential infrastructure. Each of these pal islands will be topped with a crescent. Of these the Palm Jumeirah is the smallest and the original of three Palm Islands. The things that these Palm Islands will have are about 100 luxury hotels, resorts, theme parks, apartments, shopping mall and many more. One of the hotels opened in 2008 was "the Atlantis Palm".These palm islands will definitely be one of the tourist attractions in Dubai. These islands will be over only after 2010[corrext me if wrong].

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hocus Pocus Festival Spain - Magic Festival

The magical city of Granada plays host to this festival of magic. The biggest draws are the magic shows, on stage or in the streets, performed by wll known and famous magicians. "Hocus Nights" is one among the important show. Different types of lectures, workshops and various other interesting programs are performed during the Hocus Pocus Festival. This year, Juliana Chen (China), Marc Metral (France), Gaetan Bloom (France), Die Fertiger Finger (Germany), Mag Lari (Spain) are just some of the most surprising artists who will amaze us with their magical shows.for more information visit "". Event will be held from 21-30th of November every year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Emirates plans to increase flights to India

The biggest Arab carrier, Emirates plans to increase flights to India..... It has shown a growth of 24% in the past. Currently Emirates is operating about 175 flights to various destinations in India Of those 35 flights were to Mumbai, Chennai- 20 flights, Hyderabad- 20 , Delhi - 28, Kochi -14 Thiruvananthapuram - 11, Ahmedabad -10 Kozhikode - 9 and Kolkata - 7. Apart from these Emirates introduced a direct daily flight from Dubai to Durban from October 1. It has joined with indian tourism board to organise "Visit India 2009-10". This may increase the visit of foreigners. For more information visit"". To know the "special offers in Emirates" flights visit Special Offers in Emirates

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dubai International Shopping Festival 2010

Dubai International Shopping Festival is held every year for four weeks over January and February. This festivals attracts 3million visitors every year. Dubai is regarded as "retail paradise" where you can do duty free purchases. Stores across the city feature great bargains, and street entertainment (including fireworks) is staged on a regular basis. The visitors can not only purchase variety of goods but also have opportunity to win prizes. The venues include shopping centres and malls in various parts of the city. There is also a "Global Village" with pavilions offering products from retailers and manufacturers from around the world. For more information visit Dubai International Shopping Festival 2010. The dates for DSF(Dubai Shopping Festival) 2010 is from January 28, 2010 to February 28, 2010. This is the 15th year of Dubai International Shopping Festival

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fiesta San Antonio - Greatest festival in America

Fiesta San Antonio is the important festival in San Antonio. It is one of the America's greatest festival. Fiesta 2010 will held during the month of April from 15th to 25th. It is celebrated to honor the heroes of the "Battle of of Alamo" and the "Battle of San Jacinto". 2010 is Fiesta's 119th anniversary. About 107 events has been planned to take place in 11 days duration and about 3.5 million people will be attending the fiesta festival.

Fiesta events include "three major parades"-two along Broadway and past the Alamo, and one on the San Antonio River "River Walk",where the floats actually "float". One of the largest parade of Fiesta San Antonio is "The Battle of Flowers Parade". It attracts more that 35,000 people and is held on the second friday of the Fiesta festival. The other one is the "The Fiesta Flambeau Parad" that takes place on the second saturday of the Fiesta Festival. Miss Fiesta San Antonio Pegeant will also be held.

To know mora about parades in Fiesta Festival and to buy tickets visit Fiesta Parades.
To know the Schedule of events in Fiesta visit Fiesta Events

Getting to Fiesta Festival

The nearest Airport is San Antonio International Airport (SAT). For more information visit

Sydney Opera House - Tourist attraction in Australia

Opera House in Sydney Australia is one of the "UNESCO world Heritage site". It is an arts centre situated in "Bennelong Point" in Sydney. It was built by the architect Jorn Utzon. It is one of the "top travel destinations". The building covers about 4.5 acres and 588 concrete piers were sunk up to 25 metres below sea level. The power supply there is equivalent to that needed for a town of 25,000 people .
It is close to Sydney harbour bridge. There are guides who speak different languages and take you through the Opera house. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II. Apart from the opera theatre the Opera House has different venues. They are the
  • Drama Theatre
  • Playhouse
  • Studio
  • Utzon Room
  • Forecourt
  • Concert Hall
Venues at the Sydney Opera House are also used for conferences, ceremonies, and social functions. It also has restaurants, shops , recording studio and guided tours.

To know more about shopping in Opera house visit Shopping in Opera. For transport facilities visit Sydney Opera House Pubic Transport. To buy tickets and and events in Sydney Opera House visit Buy Tickets. You can also hire Opera House official photographers to take photos so that your trip will be an unforgettable one.

The opera house in Sydney has over 1,000 rooms, and is truly a marvel in architectural design and engineering. You will definitely be driven by the beauty of Sydney Opera House

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

The temple town of Mahabalipuram is located in the state of TamilNadu in India. Mahabalipuram also called as "Mammallapuram" was named after the Pallava king "Narasimha Varman I". It is an ancient sea port. The king also set this place as his capital and established center for arts and sculpture. You can see a lot of sculptures in this place and these giant works were mostly craved from single rock. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Shore Temple
The shore temple is having the complex structure and has been standing in the shore for more than 1000 years. It was built during the reign of the Pallava King Rajasimha. But most of the sculptures have been eroded due to saline action. The temple consist of three shrines one facing east and the other facing west and the other shrine placed between the two. Of these one shrine is for Vishnu known as "Sthala Shayana Perumal" - the only place where Vishnu is seen reclining on the floor but you can see this only through segments in the door. The other two shrines were for Lord Shiva. You can see the pillars of the temple bearing the Pallava Emblem and roaring lions. There is also a majestic lion a which carries a miniature Mahishasuramardini carved inside a square cavity cut in the neck of the animal.
On the weekend the temple is litup after sunset making a spectacular view.

Timings for visiting the shore Temple
9 AM to 5.30 PM
Illumination Timings at shore temple
From sunset to 8 PM
Entry Fee
The fee is around Rs 15 for Indians and Rs 250 for foreigners

How to reach
It is at a distance of 60kms from Chennai. It takes about 1.30hr to reach. All along the drive on the East Coast Road you can see food courts, amusement parks(VGP, MGM Dizzee World) and art villages.

Located in the Coromandel Coast in Kanchipuram District

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tourist places in Maldives

One of the well known and beautiful island country is the Maldives. It is situated in the Indian Ocean. It covers an area of 90,000 square km. It consist of a number of islets but 200 of those were only inhabited. The climatic conditions here ranges from 24 degree to 30degree C.
Some of the tourist attractions in Maldives are

  • Mosques: There are a number of mosques in Maldives. Of them the oldest and the biggest were Hukuru Miskiiy and Grand Friday Mosque. Dont forget to visit them. While visiting maldives don't forget that shops and offices in town and villages will be closed by 11am every friday, since friday is an important day for muslims. To see more pictures of mosque click here mosque in Maldives

  • National Museum of Maldives: The next important place to visit is the National Museum of Maldives. Its located in Sultan Park in Male the capital of Maldives. In the museum you can find a variety of armors, arms, ornaments, furniture, thrones, coins, belts that were worn by the kings, sultans and queen of Maldives. The important one is the "coral stone head of Lord Buddha". The National Museum will be open between 9 AM and 3 PM, the museum is also closed on Fridays and public holidays.

  • Beaches in Maldives: When we say Maldives the first thing that comes to our mind are the "Beaches". The lovely beaches in Maldives are just right for those on a luxury holiday and honeymoon. Some of the things that you may do are parasailing, surfing, diving and snorkeling. Know more about the top beaches in Maldives. Know more about Honeymoon in Maldives. To ypur surprise there is also an artificial beach in Maldives

  • Fish Market in Male: Fish Market in Male is yet another tourist attraction. The market will be overcrowded by people and you can have fun watching the various fish products. Click here to know more about Male's fish market

Getting To Maldives
You can get to Maldives by air. Click here to know about cheap flights to Maldives. Cruising among the islands may be an exciting alternative. Yachts and yacht-dhonis with bunk beds or private cabins are available for hire. Have a wonderful moment in Maldives........


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Broadway Theatre - Tourist Attraction in New York

View Larger Map
Broadway Theater most widely known as Broadway. It is located in Manhattan, the Theater District, New York. It is famous tourist destination in New York. This district is known for its abundance of theaters. Broadway Theater is one of the most important one. To know the current shows in Broadway Theater and buy tickets visit Broadway Theater. Broadway productions and artists are honored every June. Broadway's most prestigious award is "Tony". The Majestic Theatre is one of the largest Broadway theaters in New York City, with 1607 seats. A mile of Broadway was illuminated by lamps and became the first electrically lighted streets in the United States. To know more about broadway visit here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Times Square New York

Times Square is a major point in New York. It was formerly named "Longacre Square". The name was changed to "Times Square" in 1904. It is also known as "Crossroads of the World". Times Square is well known for its animated, digital advertisements. You can't take your eyes of those digital ones. There are a number of shops where you can do unlimited shopping. There are wide variety of shops and stores that offer clothing, electronics, toys, and every sort of consumer goods. The nightlife in Times Square is also exiting. You can find lots of clubs and bars and can have selection of beer, wine, and spirits from around the world. Times Square also offers wide variety of dining and food. You can dine at five star hotels or one of the many street vendors. You can find all varieties of food there at all budget. When visiting Times Square, stop by the neighborhood's most informative location - "the Times Square Information Center". It will be open from 8am to 8pm. I f you like to stay there it the cost for rooms in Times Square ranges from $220 to almost $500 per night.

New Year's Eve At Times Square
Times Square is the site of the annual "New Year's Eve ball drop". About one million people gather there for new Year celebration. However during the millennium celebration during 1999 about 2 million people gathered there.

If you get a chance visit Times Square where you will be astonished by the skycrapers in the Times Square.

For more information visit Times Square

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taj Mahal - The Symbol of Love's Amazing facts

Most of us know that Taj Mahal situated in Agra (India) was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Taj Mahal is one of the UNESCO world heritage site. It is on the banks of the river Yamuna.It is one of the seven "wonders of the world". It is the biggest monument of India and of course the monument of the world.

Amazing Facts About Taj Mahal
The original name fo Shah Jahan and Mumtaz were Prince Khurram and Arjumand Bano Begum. Mumtaz was the third wife of Shah Jahan. She was soo beautiful that Shah Jahan fell in love with her and they got married after 5years. Mumtaz died during the birth of their14th child and Shah Jahan promised her that he would build the most beautiful monument for her and that was the Taj Mahal showing their ever lasting love. The marbles for Taj Mahal came from Jaipur, the yellow marbles from banks of river Narmada and various stones from different parts of the world. The construction was started in 1632 1year after the death of his wife. It took about 22 years to complete. The official cost of the monument was found to be around Rs 32 crore to complete. About 1000 elephants were used for carrying of materials.

Architecture of Taj Mahal
The entire Taj complex consists of five major things. They are the main gateway, gardens, the rest house, the main mausoleum and the mosque. It is a combination of Persian, Central Asian and Islamic architecture. The main gateway is at the end of the water course. The central dome is about 58 feet in diameter and 213 feet in height. There are 4 minarets each one of 162.5 feet . A shadowy burial crypt inside the Taj Mahal houses the tombs of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Light is transmitted into the central chamber by using marble screens

Entrance Fee to Taj Mahal
Foreigners - Rs 970
Indians(During Day Time) - Rs 20
Indians(During sunrise and sunset) - Rs 110

Timings to visit Taj Mahal
Open all days except Friday from 6.00 am to 7.30 pm

Nearest Airport To visit Taj Mahal
Agra Airports: The main airport for travellers taking flights to Agra is:
Agra Airport (AGR) also known as Kheria Airport. To know about cheapest flights to Agra click here

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai

View Larger Map

TamilNadu in India is well for temples. Madurai is a city in TamilNadu known as the "Athens of the East" and most widely "City of Temples". There are lots and lots of temples in and around Madurai. Of those the most important is the Meenakshi Amman Temple. The temple was built by the ruler Thirumalai Nayakar in 17th century. The area the temple covers is about 17acres. The entire Madurai city was beleived to be built around this temple. The temple has four "Rajagopurams". Of those the "South Gopuram" is the tallest one measuring a height of 160.9 feet and its base area is about 108 feet by 67 feet. There are 14 other towers each consisting of different tiers and different sculptures and stories inscribed on them. Don't miss to see it. There is a order in which those gods have to be visited. To know the procedure for worship visit procedure for worship

The Thousand Pillar Mandapam
The name came from the count of pillars in this mandapam. It consist of 1000 pillars and each pillar has sculptures on them. Here you can see photographs, icons, drawings showing 1200 years history.

Musical Pillars
The musical pillars are near the north tower. These pillars when tapped produce different sounds. These pillars were craved out of a single stone.

Pottramarai Kulam
Dont forget to spend some time near the Pottramarai Kulam. To know the history of The Golden Lotus Pond click Pottramarai Kulam

There are 18 guides authorised by the temple administration to guide devotees from other States and foreign countries.

Worshipping hours
Morning - 5.00 am to 12.20 pm
Evening - 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Festivals in Madurai
For the list of festivals click here

There are lots of shops around the temple premises. Enjoy shopping there
There are direct flights and trains to Madurai from Chennai. To know more information about the temple and hotels in Madurai click more information

Monday, October 12, 2009

Events and festivals London 2009

Some of the important events and festivals in London during October 2009 are

Softworld 2009 London
If you want to increase your productivity with the use of software you must see this exhibition. You will learn the best practices and improve your productivity by making use of the software that best suites you. It will be held at London Olympia. You will be able to gather lot of information and get advice for specific type of business and how the software eases your work. It will be held on 13th and 14th October at Olympia Two, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX. There is no fee charged for the exhibition. You have to register online. For more information visit Softworld 2009 London

Sci Fi London
It is being conducted for the 8th time. The festival will take place from 23rd t0 25th October and the pictures will be played for six days and all the films will be of science fiction or fantasy type. The cost varies depending on the film.

For more information visit Sci Fi London

Metro Ski and Snowboard Show 2009 London
The Metro Ski and Snowboard Show is considered to be the biggest consumer winter sport show in the world. There are lot of events to be take place in the show. Over 200 exhibitors are expected to be present at the exhibition. Some of the events are Trespass Big air, Natives Jobs Fair, World Resort Village and many more.... The event will take place on 24th and 25th October 2009 at Olympia, Hammersmith and Fulham, London. Don't miss it.....
For more information visit Metro Ski and Snowboard Show 2009 London

Opportunities Canada Expo 2009 London

It is an employment expo. If you wish to work and move to Canada then this expo is for you. It will be held on 17th and 18th October. The quickest route to migrate to Canada is "Opportunities Canada Expo 2009 London". Grab your dream job. It will be held at Hammersmith London

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cappadocia - Turkey

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Cappadocia in Turkey is one of the UNESCO world heritage site. Cappadocia is where science and nature meets. The structures that you see today are made from the volcanic eruptions that occurred some millions of years ago. The people then craved those eruptions into beautiful structures. There are about 1000 churches and chapels in Cappadocia. The decorations and artistic features are the amazing one. The most important to see are the underground cities.

Underground cities – Cappadocia

Cappadocia is well known for underground cities. There is no exact number of underground cities. There may be hundreds of such cities but only six of them were opened for seeing. Some of the well known underground cities of Cappadocia area are Gaziemir Underground City, Mazi Village Underground City, Derinkuyu Underground City, Tatlarin Underground city. These underground cities were craved from volcanic eruptions in order to protect the inhabitants from wild animals. These cities were well connected by tunnels and chimneys were made to provide water and ventilation. The upper part of the underground cities were used for living while the lower parts were used for storage, wine making, flour grinding and worship in simple chapels.

Things to do in Cappadocia:

Cross Golf
Hot air Ballooning
Museum Hotel
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When to go:

The best time to take tour of Cappadocia is from April to June or from September to October.

Getting to Cappadocia:

There are excellent bus service to Cappadocia from the major cities of Turkey like Ankara, Istanbul and many more. The place you may reach in Cappadocia may differ based on the point where you took the bus. The cheapest way to take tour there is through bus or dolmus. There are numerous travel companies that offer one day tour and the charge may range from $70 to $100 per person or you may hire cars.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Edinburgh Festivals

Edinhburgh in Scotland is a city of Festivals. It is the places where peoples from around the world share information about ideas, culture and arts. There a number of events, performances that take place throughout the year. Some of the upcoming festivals in Edinburgh are the following.

International Story Telling Festival

The story telling festival takes place from october 23 to november 1. The festival brings people from around the world. There will be live story telling performances, workshops, and other fun activities. Events also take place in the city’s museums, libraries, art galleries and other venues across the city. For more information visit here

Edinburgh International Film Festival

This festival mainly focus on new and innovative cinema. It attracts a lot of audience of about 50,000. It is used for discovering new talent. Submission for the film fest opens on November 2 . Make ready of your submissions. It is a tweleve day festival from June 16-27, 2010. For more information visit International Film Festival

Edinburgh International Science Festival

It commences on April 3-17, 2010. Every ear a number of scientist and technologist share information with the public through workshops, shows and exibitions and interactions. During Spring for 2 weeks the city becomes a place for events happening in over 20 venues including the lush surrounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens, the awe inspiring grandeur of McEwan Hall and the children’s favourite City Arts Centre. For more information visit here

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scotland Castles - Edinburgh Castle

Scotland is part of United Kingdom. It is bounded by North Sea, Atlantic Ocean and England. It consist of about 750 and more islands. Apart from other tourist attractions Scotland is well known for castles. The most important castle to visit during the trip is the Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle is one of the castles that must be visited. It is "Castle of Castles". It is situated in the city of Edinburgh. The amazing views of Edinburgh and its skyline are an important part of any Edinburgh Castle tour. The castles middle and upper ward gives best views of places around the castle(Waverley train station, the National Galleries of Scotland and the Mound, the Balmoral Hotel and many more).
For more information click here Edinburgh Castle
Things To Do in Edinburb
  • Edinburgh ghost tour:
The old town can be scary when the sun goes down. The buildings were tightly packed and the streets were narrow and in the dark mysterious things were happening for years and years.
  • Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
There are seven hills in Edinburb. One of the most important is the Arthur's Seat. The Arthur's seat gives a splendid view of the old town, new town and the Edinburg castle. There are different paths which you can take to reach the top. It make take upto 1hour. The easiest and most direct route is to park at Dunsapie Loch. Then start towards the summit from the east (map) along either of the two obvious paths starting at the car park.

More information on Arthur's Seat
  • Royal Museum, Edinburgh

View Larger MapIt has rare collections of Decorative Arts, Science and Industry, Archaeology and the Natural World. It has also extraordinary range of material. There are about 36 galleries of varying sizes each of which present artefacts from around the globe and natural history specimens. The entry to the museum is free but when exibitions are hosted there may be fee. The timings are
Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm
Tuesday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 12noon - 5pm. If you become a member you may enjoy some benefits.
  • Princes Street, Edinburgh
It is the strret for shopping and you can enjoy the nature while walking through the street. It is the busiest and most popular street. Shops run along the north side and the gardens, castles and old town on the left side. Don't suck into shopping or you will miss the beautiful sight seeing. For more information visit Princes Street Edinburgh

Do you want to know about shopping in Edinburgh Visit here Shopping in Edinburgh

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jet Airways Offers

Jet Airways
The Jet Airways has announced new flights to Bangkok from Gaya, Varanasi from 6th of October. Another Flight from Mumbai to Dhaka from September 15. During the month of September Jet Airways has announced an offer. The offer is that fly in Jet Airways during September and win two tickets to Singapore on Jet Airways plus a 3 night luxury vacation on a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship for two. For more information visit Jet Airways

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Goa the beautiful place to spend the holidays. It is India's smallest city. It is a famous tourist destinations in India. It covers an area of 1,736 sq km.. It has a lot of Portuguese influence. The main tourist attractions are the following.

The main thing that attracts the tourist are the golden beaches and the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Goa is divided into North and South.
Both parts contain beaches. The famous beaches of North Goa are Coco Beach,Sinquerim,Calangute,Arambol,Vagator. The beaches to visit in the south are Palolem, Cavelossim, Bogmalo,Dona Paula. It has the longest stretch of unbroken beaches. You can also have a lot of spicy dishes fish curry, kalamari and many more.

Goa has a number of entertainment features. There are a number of Night Clubs. To know the list of night clubs click here Night Clubs

Goa is the only state where live gaming is legal. The place of live casino is on the Mandovi River at Panjim.

Staying at Goa is incomplete without having a ride on the famous Santa Monica cruise boat from the west of Panjim to island of Chorao. To know more about the goa cruise visit here

The Spicy Food World
You can taste all kinds of foods from Thai, Tibetan, French, Italian and many more and you may find atleast one of them serving all kinds of food. Have a visit to Ingo's Saturday Night Bazzar in Arpora to taste them all. In that market you can buy clothes on offer.

Don't miss any of them. Enjoy the holidays there...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keukenhof - Tulips Garden Netherland

If we hear the word spring, the flower that comes to our mind is tulips - one of the most beautiful flower... The garden of tulips that you must visit is in Netherland it is the Keukenhof flower gardens. It will be open only for two months during the spring(March to July). IT is one of the most photographed place in the world. It is preaded over 70 acres. You can walk in between the gardens and enjoy a beautiful tour. Keukenhof has several cafes and snack bars, so if you tire of walking, take a rest and start again. Apart from tulips you can also enjoy seeing Daffodils, hyacinths, and narcissi each in different colors and smells.

During 16 to 18th of october National Flower Bulb Market 2009 will be held. If you like to grow the bulbs in your garden the information needed for that will be available during these days. You can also get a lot of tips there. A number of growers will be selling their products there. Entrance to that National Flower Bulb Market may be free.
For more information visit the site Keukenhof

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fraser Island - Australia

Fraser Island is situated along the south coast of Queensland(Australia). It is a world heritage site. It is considered as the largest sand island in the world. Freshwater lakes there are some of the cleanest lakes in the world. It has long uninterrupted white beaches. Fraser Island's famous 75-Five Mile Beach is right on the action for some of the best beach fishing in the world.Fraser Island is strictly four-wheel-driving territory. vehicles entering the island must have access permits. Permits may be attained at Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service offices including Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg and Rainbow Beach. You can reach the place from either Brisbane or from Bundaberg. Take a 2 t0 3 days trip and enjoy the view of sandy beaches. and for accommodation make use of Kingfisher Bay Resort or Eurong Beach Resort. For bookings of tours through air and land visit here.

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Bharat Van Gardens - Water Music

Bharat Van Gardens situated at Marol in the western suburb of Andheri, Mumbai(India) has finally found its answers to the gigantic Akshardham Temple's laser show and musical fountain in Delhi with the recent launch of its own musical fountain. In an
attempt to encourage tourism in Mumbai among international visitors in the coming tourist season. The main attractions are the sports ground for kids, rose garden and the massive 28m fountain. Jets of water that shoots upto 16m in height, perfectly synchronized to tunes and bold laser light for spectacular visual effects. Visit after sun down and observe the laser beams in green, red and yellows following the dancing streams of water. Don't miss it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Dosa Shop - Bangalore Vidyarthi Bhavan

There are lot of hotels in Bangalore. One among them is the "Vidyarthui Bhavan". Are you fond of eating Dosa? Then when you visit Bangalore surely go to "Vidyarthi Bhavan", Bangalore's famous dosa joint and one of the oldest. Dosa lovers inevitable head for Vidyarthi Bhavan in Bangalore. They have been there for the past seven decades. Masala dosa all cost near Rs.20. They serve mostly tiffn and the shop will be open early. It was popular eating place for students from nearby colleges such as National College and B.M.S college. Have your breakfast and dinner at Vidyarthi Bhavan. The address is
No. 3 Gandhi Bazaar Road,

Weekdays 6.30am-11am & 2pm to 8pm
Sundays and holidays-6.30am-12pm & 2.30pm-8pm
The shop will be closed during Fridays

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top Building structures in India - Tourist Places

India is one of the country in Asia with beautiful historical structures. It has lots of monuments. Here are some of monuments in India to visit during your tour. These buildings have been maintained and some restored to keep the glory India intact as in the past. Ages have passed since these Buildings were made, still standing tall to this date revealing the engineering talents.

Udaipur Lake Palace

The luxurious lake palace that steals every ones heart is located in Udaipur. It is a five star hotel built on the still blue waters of Lake Pichola. It is one of the romantic hotels ion the world. It is 250 years old. There are 84 centrally air-conditioned rooms including 17 suites and 53 Deluxe rooms. Antique decoration is done in every room which makes it pleasant. It will take one full day or maximum two days for you to relive the royal life. The palace also comprises of a Restaurant, acoffee shop and a well appointed lobby with jewellery and souvenir shops. The royal banquet rooms are now converted into reception rooms, bars and restaurants. some other facilities that are available are book shop, shopping arcade, currency exchange, safe deposit lockers, doctor-on-call and baby sitting. Arrangements for golf, badminton, squash, billiards, tennis, and table tennis on request. You can reach the beautiful destination through land or through air.

Originally, the Palace was named as Jag Niwas after the name of the Maharana. In the present times, it is popular by the name of Lake Palace. Jag Niwas was conceived in the mind to offer a summer resort to the royalty of Udaipur. In the later years, the Palace was used as the summer resort by the descendants of Jagat Singh. The amazing exteriors would make you crave to peep once inside the beautiful Lake Palace. On entering this astonishing Palace, you would feel that you are in the seventh heaven to find everything just perfect.

Know more Information about the Lake Palace

Qutub Minar

This famous historical structure is located in New Delhi, India. It was built in 1193 A.D. It is an example of Indo – Islamic Architecture. This great structure is 72.5 metres High with 399 Steps Leading to the Top. Base is 14.3 metres wide, Top Floor is 2.75 meters wide. While there dont miss to see the Hidden Pathways Used as an Escapade by the Kings, that are Believed to Lead up to the Red Fort. It is surrounded by several other ancient and medieval structures and ruins, collectively known as Qutb complex. The complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Delhi. The Iron Pillar which is near by is one of the world's foremost metallurgical curiosities, standing in the famous Qutb complex. There is a belief that anyone who can encircle the entire column with their arms, with their back towards the pillar, can have their wish granted. Because of the corrosive qualities of sweat the government has built a fence around it for safety.

Know more about Qutub Minar

Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial, located in Kolkata, India. IT was built in the memorial of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. It currently serves as a museum and a tourist attraction. Built between 1906 and 1921, it is a majestic white marble building at the southern end of the Maidan and surrounded by a sprawling garden. A black bronze Angel of Victory, holding a bugle in her hand was placed at the apex of the dome above the Memorial. It is fixed to its pedestal with ball bearings and acts as a weathercock when the wind is strong enough. There are 25 galleries in a chamber beneath the dome.
The Queen's Hall, walls of which have been deeply graven with the text of Victoria's proclamation, draws the main attraction. There are many paintings reminiscent of various events of her life. This building, which housed around 3500 items, can also be termed as the British museum. Today it is the main attraction for the tourist in Calcutta.

To Know more about Victoria Memorial


The Charminar in Hyderabad is one of the monument of South India. Charminar is a square shaped structure with four towers in the four corners of the square, each of whose sides is 20 m in length. Every side opens into a plaza through giant arches, which overlook four major passages and dwarf other features of the building except the minarets. Each arch is 11 m wide and soars 20 m to the top from the plinth. The minarets soar skywards by 24 m from the roof of Charminar. Each minaret has 4 storeys, each appears like a delicately carved ring around the minaret. Some Anglophiles call Charminar the Arc de Triomphe of the East. From the ground to the top, the minarets cover a length of 48.7 m. The upper levels of the Charminar were used as a madrasa and mosque, from where royal proclamations were read out to the assembled public. The beautiful mosque is situated on the western section of the top floor facing the holy city of Mecca. The rear wall of the mosque is indicated by blank niches framed by petalled ornament. There are 45 open air prayer spaces without roof, to accommodate more people in Friday prayers. There is a water tank in the middle. The first floor has beautiful balconies from where one has a fantastic view of the historic city.

Lotus Temple

Baha'i Temple which is popularly known as the Lotus temple because of its structure is located in Delhi is often compared with the Sydney Opera House. The Lotus Temple is well known for its appearance and is a major feature in Delhi. The structure consists of 27 white petals made of marble. The temple has a striking though plain central hall where you can meditate. The hall is 34.27m. high. Thought-provoking quotes of the Baha'i sacred scriptures are inscribed on the petal alcoves. It was built by Fariborz Sahba, a Canadian architect of Iranian origin, it took ten years to complete. It covers an area 26 acres. The Lotus Temple is located near Kalkaji Temple, Kalkaji in South Delhi.

To know about timings and prayers click here
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Festivals in NewZealand - August

During your visit to the South Island you can watch and enjoy a lot of events and festivals . From the month of august to december you can enjoy the following during your tour. The events that are available during the month of August are the following. To have a detailed look at the festivals follow thw links that are provided near each festival

* Christchurch Arts Festival
* Montana Christchurch Winter Carnival
* Christchurch International Jazz Festival
* Conservation Week, Twizel
* Grand International Racing Carnival
* Ben Ohau Highland Games
* NZ Film Festival

Friday, July 24, 2009

Best Beaches in Mauritius

Just north of the Tropic of Capricorn lies the island country of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It's actually a few islands; a main island and three other islands, and about 22 largely uninhabited islands. Mark Twain, who visited the island in 1896, so impressed by its beauty, said, "God first made Mauritius and from it, He created Paradise." Mauritius is striking because it once was a volcano. Extinct for some 100,000 years, you have peaks and rock strutting right down into the sea. And, as if icing on the wondrous landscape, a coral reef surrounds the islands.

If you're anxious to go, know that December to April are generally hot and humid. June to November are the cooler, drier months. A cyclone could arrive during the warm season.Here are some of the best beaches to spend tour holidays.

Tamarin Bay Beach - Mauritius
This beach of shallow water, lined in places by salt flats, is one of the least ‘maintained’ of Mauritius’s best beaches, but though the sand is a bit course by Mauritian standards and there atmosphere is a bit salty it’s still a lovely vista of coconut palms and clear water. Some of the parties most interested in this beach are surfers, the waves roll in with infrequency but in impressive sizes and shapes. Where the waves start on the reef they’re too quick to catch but there’s a bend in the bay which lines up with a break in the coral reef which slows them down enough to jump on before they run a long straight, clean line to the sand. Surfers would call the waves left barrels.

Nonetheless, Tamarin Bay Beach is worth a visit. Beyond the palm and casuarina trees lies some grand landscape. Close by you'll find the forest and mountains - well, part of the volcano that was here eons ago.

The best hotels to stay are

Blue Bay Beach
Blue Bay in Mauritus is situated on the South East coast of Mauritus. Blue Bay in Mauritus is nearby to a village named Mahebourg and also is close by to Port Louis International Airport. It is also a popular spot for windsurfing and sailing. Carry a camera to beach Blue Bay to capture all the wonderful and scenic moments there. At the center of the bay, in between the islet and the beaches, you will find ancient coral beds. These beautiful things feature a rich biological diversity. The bio-diversity of the corals makes this place a significant dot in the international scenario.

The seabed, at a depth of around 6 meters, is covered with corals. The density of these corals, of which 80% are alive, makes them unique. Studies undertaken have identified around 50 different species of corals and a lot more different fish species belonging to 25 families here. Rapid urbanization has affected the coral growth at Blue Bay and of late programs are being undertaken to protect them. Two hotels offer you a splendid stay at Blue Bay in Mauritius. These are the Shandrani Hotel and the Blue Lagoon Beach Hotel.
The best hotels to stay are

Belle Mare Beach
The Belle Mare Beach is one of the best beaches on the eastern side of island, having a stretch of 4-6 kms of white sand lined with Filao and coconut trees. It is a public beach with a deep lagoon circled by a coral reef. The turquoise waters of the lagoon are fringed with casuarina trees. You can indulge in a lot of activity of your choice throughout the day till late into the night. The coast with its white shimmering sands at Palamarand Trou d’Eau Douce stretches up to Grand Port a sleepy little village near the sea.

Belle Mare Beach is an excellent beach for camping out with friends and family; you can spend the entire day lazing about on the sands or in the sea. If this is not your cup of tea, then think of something else. Go over to the Belle Mare Water Park which is close by and enjoy the water sport of your choice. You could go wind surfing or wind-sailing.

The innumerable hotels, resorts, and lodging facilities in the area make Belle Mare a very good option for tourists. Some of the luxury hotels and resorts available nearby are the Le Saint Geran, the Belle Mare Plage, and the Beau Rivage. The eastern part of Mauritius is full of beautiful and breath-taking beaches. Since these parts receive more wind than other areas, the eastern coast is a hot favorite for surfers and tourists interested in sailing.

To know about complete list of hotels in Mauritius visit List of Hotels

Kyoto - Temple and Historical Structures

Kyoto was Japan's capital and the emperor's residence from 794 until 1868. It is now the country's seventh largest city with a population of 1.4 million people and a modern face. Over the centuries, Kyoto was destroyed by many wars and fires, but due to its historic value, the city was dropped from the list of target cities for the atomic bomb and spared from air raids during World War II. Countless temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures survive in the city today. Some of the shrines and temples to visit in Kyoto are the following.

Kiyomizu-dera is an independent Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto. The temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities) UNESCO World Heritage site. Kiyomizu-dera was founded in the early Heian period. The temple dates back to 798, and its present buildings were constructed in 1633. It takes its name from the waterfall within the complex, which runs off the nearby hills. Kiyomizu means clear water, or pure water. It separated from the Hossō school in 1965.

The main hall has a veranda, supported by tall pillars, that juts out over the hillside and offers impressive views of the city. The popular expression "to jump off the stage at Kiyomizu" is the Japanese equivalent of the English expression "to take the plunge". This refers to an Edo period tradition that held that, if one were to survive a 13m jump from the stage, one's wish would be granted. Two hundred thirty-four jumps were recorded in the Edo period and, of those, 85.4% survived. The practice is now prohibited.

Beneath the main hall is the Otowa waterfall, where three channels of water drop into a pond. Visitors to the temple collect the water, which is believed to have therapeutic properties, from the waterfall. It is said that drinking the water of the three streams confers wisdom, health, and longevity. However, some Japanese believe that you must choose only two — if you are greedy and drink from all three, you invite misfortune upon yourself.

The temple complex includes several other shrines, among them the Jishu Shrine, dedicated to Ōkuninushi, a god of love and "good matches". Jishu Shrine possesses a pair of "love stones" placed 18 meters apart, which lonely visitors attempt to walk between with their eyes closed. Success in reaching the other stone with their eyes closed implies that the pilgrim will find love, or true love. One can be assisted in the crossing, but this is taken to mean that a go-between will be needed. The person's romantic interest can assist them as well.

Toji Temple
Its a Buddhist temple established in 796 AD and named Kyo-o-gokoku-ji. It was built to guard the city. Its name means East Temple and once it had a partner Suji(West Temple). They stood alongside the Rashomon, the gate to the Heian capital. The most interesting thing about Toji is the five storied pagoda which is 57m high. It is the tallest wooden tower in Japan. The present pagoda was built by the third Tokugawa Shogun Iemitsu in 1644. Toji is one of Kyoto's many UNESCO world heritage sites. You can see avariety of Buddhist sculptures. Inside the temple, the images of the Four Buddhas and their followers, the eight great Bosatsu, are found. Taking pictures inside the temple is strictly prohibited.

There is a popular antiques market held at Toji on the 21st of every month until around 4:30, and a smaller one on the first Sunday of the month.

Fushimi Inari Taisha
Fushimi Inari Taisha is the head shrine of Inari. It is located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto. The mountain in which the shrine is placed is also named Inari, and includes trails up the mountain to many smaller shrines.
Because Inari is the god of business, each of the Torii is donated by a Japanese business. Merchants and manufacturers worship Inari for wealth. Donated torii lining footpaths are part of the scenic view. It has as many as 40,000 sub-shrines throughout Japan. If possible, visit Furshimi Inari near dusk — you'll be much more likely to wander alone through the tunnels of torii in the quiet woods, which is a magical experience as daylight fades.

Foxes (kitsune), regarded as the messengers, are often found in Inari shrines. One attribute is a key (for the rice granary) in their mouths. The shrine draws several million worshipers over the Japanese New Year. The shrine is a three-minute walk from JR Nara Line Inari Station, 10 minutes from Kyoto Station. It is a five-minute walk from Keihan Electric RailwayMain Line Fushimi-Inari station.