Friday, November 27, 2009

Linking Road Shopping place in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the important city in North India. Mumbai has lot of tourist attractions. Whenever we go for tours the thing we do is Shopping. Shopping while touring makes our tour unforgettable. The "shopping hub in North India"(Mumbai) is the "Linking Road".

Getting to Linking Road
Linking Road in Mumbai is 2km from Bandra towards Khar in Mumbai's Bandra area.

Timings for shopping in Linking Road
The shops will be open by 11am and will be on till 10pm. Only cash purchase All you want is only the bargaining capability

The official name of Linking Road is Vitthalbhai Patel Marg. Once in Linking Road you will be able to find from branded to cheap Chinese goods. It has a number of "shoe shops". The amazing thing is that even though tiny shops they sell all "latest style shoe and slippers". Some of them are work shoes, high heels, party shoes, gladiator sandals and many more... If you are in need of coupons for purchase or in need of free shipping of goods visit Newegg free shipping promo code.

If you want to "buy dresses and bags"? Then lake left from red KFC and all you have is the stuffs from Bankok... T-shirts, bags, belts, dresses and more you can see. There are also some furniture shops and North Indian restaurants like Sheetal Samudra. The spicy North Indian foods that are famous are frankies, chaats, pav bhaji, schezwan dosa, cheese pav bhaji, aloo tikki burger, chicken and more. You can see and taste all these items in one place "The Linking Road".

Linking road is one of the best place to shop in Mumbai...You can see all "the recent trends and fashion in North India" in one place. Don't forget do bargaining where ever possible....

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