Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Grand Canal - The Most Beautiful Street In Venice

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Venice is one of the most important tourist attraction in Italy. Venice is known various names such as City of Bridges, City of Light, City of Water and this list expands... One of the important place in such a city is the "Grand Canal". Grand canal is the most beautiful street in Venice. Have a ride on the Grand Canal to see the beautiful architecture of Venice. Grand Canal is in the form of the shape "S". If take ride on night then you will be able to see the reflection of those beautiful buildings lighted with different colors on the water. The Grand Canal is over 2 miles long. The attractions along the Grand Canal includes San Marco Piazza, Santa Maria della Salute, Natural History Museum, International Gallery of Modern Art and many churches. When you visit Venice enjoy "gondola rides" on the Grand Canal which most of the tourists prefer.

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