Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Travel with your pets

Most of us like pets a lot. They are very playful and very affection and faithful towards us. Some of the pets that we like most are dogs, cats, parrots and others. We even consider them as one of our family members. At the same time every one likes to travel too. The places like US, Mexico and Canada attracts lots of tourist every year.But most of us must have gone through a situation where we were not able to take our pets with us when we go for a tour. The main reason behind this is that we don't know whether the hotel which we choose to stay will allow our pets with us. Blog about pet friendly travel is one of the site where the information about the pet friendly hotels are available. This a nice information for all pet lovers since they can always be with their pets when on tour. If you are in Canada, US or Mexico then this site provides all information about the spa, resorts and hotels that allow our pets. Enjoy the tour with your pets..... Happy journey....

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