Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Venice Carnival 2010

Venice the most important place in Italy and also the beautiful place is Italy hosts a festival every year known as the Venice Carnival. The dates for Venice Carnival 2010( Carnevale De Venezia 2010)has been announced. It will be held from 6th to 16th February, 2010. Its one of the internationally known festival. It attracts lots of tourist ever year. During this festival people wear variety of beautiful masks and the streets of Venice will be full of people with masks. during this festival you can enjoy songs in the brother streets. You can see rope walkers, jugglers and spend money in restaurants, coffee shops and more...For more information on schedule of events in Venice Carnival 2010 visit the official site Some of the photos of Venice Carnival 2010(Carnevale De Venezia 2010)

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  1. what a nice city with the river along the city I imagine in the ship make a tour in the vanice