Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year Celebration - Year of Tigers

Chinese New Year Celebration Photos of Dragon Dance
Chinese are Celebrating their New Year today. This year is called as the year of Tigers(The name of the years rotate around 12 animals). Of the Chinese festivals New Year Celebration is the most colorful one. Chinese New Year is celebrated on the First Day of the fist moon on the Lunar Calendar. It is celebrated not only in China but also all over the world where Chinese reside. On the new year day red envelope(Its called as Lai See envelope)will be given to children which contains money and the seventh day of the new year is considered as everybody's birthday.... They celebrate the new year with two flowers plum blossom and water narcissus. Different Parades take place all around the country. On the 15th day they celebrate the Lantern Festival. On this festival people carry Lantern with them in streets. play an important role in New Year Celebration. China Town Festival and Parades. Beauty Pageants, floats and marching parades are the important events during this celebration. In the city of Sydney in Australia you can watch the celebration from 12th-28th February 2010.... Chinese new year Twilight Parade Video

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