Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goa Carnival 2010 - India

Goa Carnival photo

Goa Carnival Festival is held every year during the month of February. It is one of the important carnival in India. Goa Carnival Festival 2010 dates have been announced. It will be held from February 13th to February 16th 2010. This festival was started by Protuguese when they ruled Goa. People from different parts of the country gather at Goa for this Goan Carnival. Eventhough it is a christian festival, people of all religion celebrate this festival. The highlights of this carnival is the colorful floats on the opening day and the red and black dance that takes place on the Club National in Panaji the capital of Goa. Floats, colossal parades, bands, balls and dances, groups of masked revelers dressed in dazzling costumes singing and dancing to the tunes of the renowned musicians are the important events in the Goa Carnival Festival(Goan Carnival)...You can also check out the other carnivals like Rio carnival, venice carnival and Montevideo carnival..

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