Saturday, January 29, 2011

Room Reservation Software

Technology has advanced a lot. There is no field which doesn't use computer. It is used almost everywhere. Many of the buildings were multi storied and as a result managing of such building becomes difficult. Here is where the advanced technology comes into picture. There is a software provided by DeskFlex. It is a room reservation software . This software has been constantly upgraded and it now incorporates a lot of new features. Some of them are
  • Easy access to different location on the floor for booking
  • Online reservation of conference rooms for specific date and timings
  • Cancellation of booked conference rooms
  • Reservation of equipments at a particular room for specific period
  • You can access it from outlook also. You need to configure outlook for it
  • Not only rooms but you can view the place where you can park your vehicle also.
  • Reservation and swapping of desk spaces
  • With the floor map you can associate the image with each and every location 
  • Zoom in option to have a better view
  • Controlling of digital phones when you are not at your desk
Above are some features of  room reservation software. But the benefit you get from this software are more than this. By using this checking in becomes a very easy task and managing of rooms and equipment is also made easy and efficient. This software ha been in market for many years. Try out with it and have easy administration.

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