Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seine River Cruise - Paris

The Seine is a slow-flowing major river and commercial waterway. It is also a tourist attraction, with excursion boats offering sightseeing tours of the Rive Droite and Rive Gauche within the city of Paris. It terminates in the Bay of the Seine region of the English Channel and is navigable by oceanic transports. Over sixty percent of its length from Burgundy near the Swiss Alps is negotiable by commercial riverboats and nearly its whole length is available for recreational boating.There are 37 bridges over the River Seine just within Paris and dozens more spanning the river outside of the city. The average depth of the Seine today at Paris is about eight metres. Until locks were installed to artificially raise the level in the 1800s, however, the river was much shallower within the city most of the time, and consisted only of a small channel of continuous flow bordered by sandy banks. Today depth is tightly controlled and the entire width of the river between the built-up banks on either side is normally filled with water. The average flow of the river is very low, only a few cubic metres per second, but much higher flows are possible during periods of heavy runoff.

You will discover great statues, Monuments and stationed river boats (a couple of them are coffee shops). You will enjoy fantastic views on the river and key monuments, such as the Louvre and Notre-Dame. Don't forget that Paris is the largest and most important city on the river.
Seine near by Eiffle Tower

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